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  1. It's 1993 and you play as a deranged LAPD detective whose colleague got murdered. Get revenge by slaughtering half of the underworld in this retro, ultra-violent, side-scrolling shooter. Aggression and speed are the only elements that will keep you alive. Variety of weapons and an amazing synthwave & vaporwave soundtrack are there to help you. Features: - Tons of blood - Story - 10 challenging levels, 3 bosses - 20 weapons, each weapon can be used to execute an enemy - Synthwave, vaporwave and dark ambient soundtrack by Catsystem Corp, Daniel Deluxe, Lazerpunk, Ugasanie, and Xerxes the Dark - Retro visuals Gameplay tips: - Combos and executions heal you up - Get 5 stars on a level to increase your max health - Melee weapons are most efficient against enemies with guns and vice versa - Plan all your moves ahead - Nearby enemies can hear your gunshots - Use shotguns at close range - Shotguns can destroy doors Controls: - A, D - Move left/right - W - Use stairs - Left mouse button - Attack - Right mouse button - Pick up/throw a weapon - Space - Execute an enemy DOWNLOAD, SCREENSHOTS, MORE INFO: https://viicty.itch.io/onduty
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