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  1. Pipo DeClown

    ImageMagick Magick++ to HBITMAP using C++

    MFC? X_X
  2. Pipo DeClown


    Hi Jack! Lol.
  3. Pipo DeClown


    Happy 0x7D8!
  4. Pipo DeClown


    I'm going to apply just to see whether you find me a n00b or not..! Haha..!
  5. Pipo DeClown

    How not to ask a question on a technical forum

    O. My. CAPS.
  6. Pipo DeClown

    I got my GamePad how 'bout you?

    Wasn't the mouse the best way to manipulate the LookAt-vector? But I have to admit that for movement an analog stick is the best.
  7. Pipo DeClown

    Jetlag is for wimps

    I think programmers are jet lag-resistant. I knew a girl who claimed that her Canada->Europe trip made her jet lag for a whole week. Damn, I don't believe her!
  8. Pipo DeClown

    It's a picture bonanza

  9. Pipo DeClown


    How fast can you go through the circle and do all the gestures?
  10. Pipo DeClown


    "- eww, MUSHU." QFT.
  11. Pipo DeClown

    BrickBust - More XNA

    zlOL, teh paddle has L4S0RZ!! Nice work, XNA FTW!!
  12. Pipo DeClown


    Nice! I love the way this system works as it eliminates the trouble of the engine <-> script communcation that other *lua* scripting languages fuck you up with.
  13. Pipo DeClown

    Normal to Parallax to Relief

    Bleggh!! No pictures.. "Rating--"! :p
  14. Pipo DeClown


    I don't drunk coffee.
  15. Pipo DeClown

    Opera 9 w000000t

    I went back to Firefox because Opera was booting kinda slow, plus I couldn't recover my passwords (I tend to forget them with umphty accounts running all over the web).
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