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  1. Cyberduck Transmission Isolator Audacity Soundflower The Unarchiver 2 Lode, don't start a flamewar ;-) Just try the OS yourself. Instead of asking for opinions and "defenses", experience the other side yourself and form your own opinion.
  2. Pipo DeClown

    ImageMagick Magick++ to HBITMAP using C++

    MFC? X_X
  3. Pipo DeClown


    Hi Jack! Lol.
  4. Pipo DeClown

    AVI File Stitcher?

    MediaCoder <-- try it! Really!
  5. Pipo DeClown

    You're not a real programmer until you've written a...

    Quote:Original post by Rydinare Quote:Original post by Pipo DeClown Are there any "fake" programmers? VB programmers [wink] Agreed. =D Looking at the Capitalized code makes me puke. Public Sub If Then Return End Sub All caps, but why? On topic, the answer is a program.
  6. Pipo DeClown

    You're not a real programmer until you've written a...

    Yes, but what is a "real" programmer? Are there any "fake" programmers?
  7. Pipo DeClown

    Silverlight: Battlefield

    I won the game, but it didn't tell me I did. Worst gameplay ever! -__- Ow and nice work by the way.
  8. Pipo DeClown


    Quote:Original post by Raghar Does it mean the MS reinvented Java applets? I think more like a Flash with .NET programmability (and more).
  9. Pipo DeClown


    Happy 0x7D8!
  10. Pipo DeClown

    a nice GUI library for C++

    Qt beats wxWidgets and GTK+ handsdown. The SDK documentation is superb. Plus, the resulting code is clean. Can't say the same about wxWidgets and GTK+. It even comes with a GUI designer and a huge load of examples you can try and learn from.
  11. Pipo DeClown

    DirectX and CPU..

    I believe there are two things. 1) To avoid 99% CPU usage, though I'm not sure if it will work, try calling sleep(0). This will let the OS know that other threads may process as well. 2) To make correct animations, using time differences (timeDelta) is the best method.
  12. Hello everyone, Like the topictitle my question is what is the best way to skin a .NET Form, and making it resizable as well? By the way, is it also possible to skin a treeview (change the icons, + - buttons)? Thanks in advance, Rick
  13. Pipo DeClown

    First release of my math library

    Good job man! Keep it up! This library is going to rock!
  14. Pipo DeClown

    DirectX 10 timeline...

    Well you have to find a balance as well. If you "un-limit" your audience too much you'll start limiting yourself. In most of the current minds DirectX9 is the correct balance.
  15. Could you just have selected the submit button and called document.getElementById('#submitbutton').click(); // Voila!
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