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  1. thepigeonfighter

    Story feedback

    I agree with henri45. There are a lot of good things in this story but I realize that the negative comments will have more weight. But at any rate I'll list the things I like and the things I am not convinced by: Things I like I like how the three gods have three personalities I like how their choice to enter the portal forces them to a sacrifice point I like how you synthesized the story into game-play points. That is a helpful design strategy. Good choice to have a weapon that can kill them otherwise where will the difficulty come from? Things I am not convinced by The symbolism. So when you go to make a game about gods you are nowhere near the first person to write a story about gods. And because of that there is a long history of symbolism that stretches back for thousands of years. This is good and bad. The good part is you can use a lot of info for inspiration. That bad part is it becomes easy to mix you metaphors and when you do it kills story momentum. The gods in this story as it is currently written would be more relatable if they were just humans with skills like brothers or just friends. This couples with what I was saying before there isn't enough ethos given to the characters to justify their titles as gods. But there is enough to make a story about a group of friends. The sacrifice point as I said above was a good idea. But the options need to be fleshed out. What does everlasting love mean? Do they still get to be immortal on earth? Are their wives immortal as well? It sounds like they loose their immortality ? But maybe just phrase it better? Going to high school? Again this would make more sense for a group of friends with supernatural skillz but a group of gods? Idk I kinda would just picture them as being older like Thor or Loki. These are my thoughts as reading this. I am not trying to be mean but helpful to show you what I thought worked and could use work. Good luck on your writing!
  2. thepigeonfighter

    Unity Asset -Visual FSM Editor

    Also apologies if this was not correct forum to post this in. Much sorry! So apologize.
  3. I figured that might be overkill considering there would be no GUI .Well depending on how closely you wanted to model it to real world stuff. As you eluded to earlier higher birthrate does not always mean a good outcome especially if you don't have the infrastructure to support the growth rate. So the negative things could be people moving/starving/disease or whatever fun kind of madness you wanted to punish your people with for their promiscuous lifestyles. lol
  4. I personally liked the way Banished handled this because it maps to the real world. But it might be difficult to pull it off in your particular scenario. In Banished you could put a couple inside a house and they would create children for a set amount of years. That is where your population would come from. Other things to consider as drivers for population would be other typical factors like economic or tourist growth. I.E if unemployment is below a certain number and you add a factory to the town it would up the chances of someone moving to your town to find work. Just some ideas, Good luck!
  5. thepigeonfighter

    Unity Asset -Visual FSM Editor

    Thanks for taking the time to check it out! I think I understand where you are coming from. I guess what happened to me was that when I originally started with 100% code based implementation of an FSM. It quickly became difficult to debug/ keep straight the design in my head. So I naturally stumbled upon needing a graphical solution just to keep track of the design. That may be due to my own lack of competence or some other personal limitation. But either way it prompted me to check out what other solutions people had made. Then one thing led to another.....
  6. thepigeonfighter

    Unity Asset -Visual FSM Editor

    So FSMs seem to be a common thing that is needed by game devs but when I looked in the asset store most of the tools I saw either went too far or did not go far enough. On one hand you have tools like bolt, and playmaker that look awesome but are doing too much of the coding behind the scenes(for me at least). Then on the other hand you have a plethora of FSM implementations that have little to no visual side at all. Without having a visual editor to refer back to it seems like designing behaviors could get out of hand really quickly. So I wanted to design a FSM designer that struck a balance between making your life easier and allowing you to still control the code that is going on behind the scenes. I ended up making this asset. https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/ai/easy-state-153724
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