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  1. Lazy Fangs

    Unnamed Squirrel Game - TPS shooter project

    Sound, Music and 3D modeller slots filled. We still need riggers and animators
  2. Lazy Fangs

    Unnamed Squirrel Game - TPS shooter project

    C# programmers slots are filled
  3. Hi all! We are looking for people to help make a simple TPS shooter game - the goal of the project is to create a hobby team that would eventually be able to learn, tackle bigger projects and make some cool games. We have a GDD that still needs some work and we are clarifying it as we speak: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UdvIVc7qomldBq_8WuAK5mXVnv7rstcNkpgSZtaB4FM/edit?usp=sharing Currently we are looking for: Concept Artists 2D Texture Artists 3D Modellers C# Programmers Level Designers Sound/FX Please PM me, leave a reply or contact me on Discord: Wing Dancer#2868
  4. Of course, I can't prove much to you, since you yeeted the server into oblivion because of a childish fit. You said you'd be available all day, which you were not, came back, didn't like what you saw, and instead of talking it over like an adult, you pressed the reset button and are trying to carry on like nothing ever happened.
  5. So you are saying that: 1) You did not just delete an entire server out of rage 2) You did not say that you would "kill me if you could"
  6. Very classy, deleting the server everyone was trying to make a game on.
  7. Deleting the server we were trying to make a game on? Saying "You guys decide what to do" and then trying to force your own idea down on everyone anyway? Not having a single clue on how game design works? Yes, the OP is guilty of all of the above. He deleted a server on which a game project was starting, losing us all the valuable conversations and contacts. DO NOT COOPERATE WITH THIS PERSON UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/632937552730652709/632938239468109855/orang.png
  8. Hi, I'm making a sort of idle game about alien foxes raiding towns for bagels. The "basic loop" of the game is more or less complete, but I require graphic assets to motivate myself to keep going. Maybe a little bit of fresh ideas as well. You can play a web version of the current state of the game at http://equestrianeers.net/foxes/game.html The game will be free to play on mobile and PC, I don't expect any revenue from it. Shoot me a message here or on Discord (Wing Dancer#2868) and we can talk about contributions. What I'm looking for are backgrounds, spritesheets for the foxes, some items and icons/UI elements.
  9. Lazy Fangs

    Team for RPG browser game

    I'd also be interested to see the game. I have good experience with the mentioned technologies.
  10. Hi, I'd be interested. I'm a hobby Unity programmer and as long as you can provide the art assets required, I'd be onboard to put the code backbone into the game ^^ I can be reached through here or (more preferably) through Discord (Wing Dancer#2868)
  11. Hi, I'm a hobbyist programmer that has some experience in Unity and project managment (sort of, am a service manager for Oracle products in a bank). Feel free to hit me up on Discord (Wing Dancer#2868) or PMs
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