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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Manav, I am 19 and currently I am studying game designing from an institute in India (Mumbai), its an Unity Certified Course and its about to be over. I have completed my high school and I don't have any kind of degree what so ever. I come from a business oriented family therefore my FINAL plan is to have my own Game Studio Production. I really want to pursue in this field. My initial plan (when I was in 11th) was to study the overall basics of game designing and step into the industry with my own company producing games. But now after a year and a half I am at a point where I am offered job at where I study to be a teacher/professor. While studying game designing I got so much deeper into it as an artist that I now have second thoughts about stepping into the industry as a company and rather go to collage or at least keep studying at home by myself for at least 1 more year and then I would be stepping into establishing my own Game Studio. But I am here to get advice from you people, professional people. What would you do if you were in my shoe. What kind of decisions would you make. Should I go to collage? If yes then which ones do you recommend and why? If not College than should I be teaching my self with online resources and courses? If yes then why? Should I start establishing my company and start producing game? If yes then would my lack of knowledge in each and every aspect of Game Designing sabotage my plans? Should I accept this teaching job, get some experience? If yes then why? Or maybe Should I do a Job or Internship at a proper Game Studio for about 6 months to a year? Your Inputs will really help me decide my future path! Thank you so much!
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