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    Towards a Simpler, Stiffer, and more Stable Spring

    Hi @h4tt3n, thank you for the amazing article! I implemented your linear spring equation in Unity and it works amazingly. Very helpful to a complete physics beginner like me. But I was sad to see that you removed your angular spring info from your latest PDF version. I'm now trying to implement an angular spring with your equation, and I'm having trouble as Unity provides the inertia tensor as a Vector3 diagonal along with a Quaternion inertia tensor rotation, instead of a 3x3 matrix. I believe this is the way to apply the inertia tensor to torque using Unity's provided data: var q = Rigidbody.rotation * Rigidbody.inertiaTensorRotation; var T = q * Vector3.Scale(Rigidbody.inertiaTensor, (Quaternion.Inverse(q) * torque)); I'm unsure of how to use the inertia tensor diagonal/rotation with your angular spring equation, as I assume your equation expects 'I' to be a 3x3 matrix? Any advice on how I can implement your angular spring equation with the inertia tensor diagonal/rotation? Thank you!
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