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    Can't get 'make' to work to build SOIL2 library

    hmm.. I'm not sure? This is my makefile # GNU Make solution makefile autogenerated by Premake # Type "make help" for usage help ifndef config config=debug endif export config PROJECTS := soil2-static-lib soil2-shared-lib soil2-test soil2-perf-test .PHONY: all clean help $(PROJECTS) all: $(PROJECTS) soil2-static-lib: @echo "==== Building soil2-static-lib ($(config)) ====" @${MAKE} --no-print-directory -C . -f soil2-static-lib.make soil2-shared-lib: @echo "==== Building soil2-shared-lib ($(config)) ====" @${MAKE} --no-print-directory -C . -f soil2-shared-lib.make soil2-test: soil2-static-lib @echo "==== Building soil2-test ($(config)) ====" @${MAKE} --no-print-directory -C . -f soil2-test.make soil2-perf-test: soil2-static-lib @echo "==== Building soil2-perf-test ($(config)) ====" @${MAKE} --no-print-directory -C . -f soil2-perf-test.make clean: @${MAKE} --no-print-directory -C . -f soil2-static-lib.make clean @${MAKE} --no-print-directory -C . -f soil2-shared-lib.make clean @${MAKE} --no-print-directory -C . -f soil2-test.make clean @${MAKE} --no-print-directory -C . -f soil2-perf-test.make clean help: @echo "Usage: make [config=name] [target]" @echo "" @echo "CONFIGURATIONS:" @echo " debug" @echo " release" @echo "" @echo "TARGETS:" @echo " all (default)" @echo " clean" @echo " soil2-static-lib" @echo " soil2-shared-lib" @echo " soil2-test" @echo " soil2-perf-test" @echo "" @echo "For more information, see http://industriousone.com/premake/quick-start"
  2. I'm new to graphics and I'm struggling to get the SOIL2 library included. When I run the 'make' command on Mac for use by Xcode I get the following error: Linking soil2-static-lib ar: no archive members specified ... make[1]: *** [../../lib/macosx/libsoil2-debug.a] Error 1 make: *** [soil2-static-lib] Error 2 I'm unsure how to fix this and have been going around in circles for ages! Any help would be appreciated
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