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  1. Aymen.Khelifi

    Starting the journey of creating my game

    I would take this advice.
  2. Aymen.Khelifi

    Starting the journey of creating my game

    Thank you Alberth, As you have suggested, I am planning to start with a game that display shapes. The character itself would be a rectangle in a first step. Thene I will include textures. Does this look as the right way of doing it. I have some scenes in mind. I will write theme down as you have suggested.
  3. Aymen.Khelifi

    Starting the journey of creating my game

    Thank you @Serezhka Does libGDX support platforms other then windows?
  4. I have been fascinated by programming before 8 years from now. The journey took me from someone who loves to be software engineer to be a networks engineer. I work as full time IP networks engineer. Well, I am a great fun of indie games developers. I have been following Dev-Logs for several indie game developers for a while. In the previous years many ideas of games have been floating in my mind and finally I took the decision to start my own small game project. I have been planning for the last 2 weeks for my game. I have decided to write the whole game and engine myself. My estimations are : Because I am doing this as side project the whole idea ( a 2D platformer ) will take me between 6 months to 1 year. The Game Engine will be developed in parallel with the game I am probably going to Use Java LWJGL or any other OpenGl library I should find a way to target my audience ( probably Youtube channel and dev-logs) Perfectioning the game might have a longer duration than the development of it. I will publish it when it meets the 95% of my expectations If There is any piece of advice of how to start the journey, It will be very helpful. If you have any thoughts about my plan please share it with me. If you have any guidance about how to use this platform I would be more than happy to hear from you. I am just a man who lost his way when making his career related decisions and he is doing a lot of things for fun. Thank you.
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