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  1. I'm looking for somebody to collaborate with who has a background in game development as his/her career and plans on doing this professionally i.e a student of game development like myself.
  2. Hi I'm an AA student in Game Development looking for a hobby project to develop content for just for the experience and fun, Rite now I can provide base models for everything except people and animals all I need is a reference to work, you can view my portfolio under the game design portfolio section of www.djicecuddi.wixsite.com/djicecuddi. I can't provide a textured model as of now but in 2 months after that I'll be able to provide fully textured models, I can do low poly as long as the shapes are basic and don't have much detail to model, details can be applied via texture and uv - if you look at modern games they're all High resolution so I prefer to work with a team that isn't restricted to poly count. Thank you very much for your time.
  3. DjIceCuddi

    Blender modifiers disabled

    Can you describe this step by step to me without screenshots or provide a reference on how to do this?
  4. DjIceCuddi

    Blender modifiers disabled

    it says the same error didn't think i'd need a screenshot
  5. DjIceCuddi

    Blender modifiers disabled

    Oh ok that's perfect thank you I'll try it out tried it still got the same error
  6. DjIceCuddi

    Blender modifiers disabled

    Here is the error
  7. DjIceCuddi

    Blender modifiers disabled

    I hope this is the rite place to post this but please forgive me if I'm wrong, I keep getting an error in blender saying that the modifier is disabled does anybody know how to solve this issue?
  8. Ok I could use a Unity environment developer and story teller, I'm in college too - but please send me a direct message TheSpire if you're still interested.
  9. Hi my name is Brian Webb I'm a student attending Academy of Art University for my AA in Game Development and I'm looking for a concept artist who would like their art to be modeled, I have an A- in my 3d modeling class and my portfolio is under game design portfolio on www.djicecuddi.wixsite.com/djicecuddi. Rite now the models are just the base models but I will have fully textured models within 3 months. I'm just looking to expand my modeling knowledge and if I could find a concept artist to make references or would like their art to be 3d modeled for use in game engines I can do that and it would be very fulfilling and fun. If you're a concept artist and you're interested please direct message me so we can talk.
  10. I'm interested - I'm a 3d modeler you can view my game design portfolio on my webpage www.djicecuddi.wixsite.com/djicecuddi just look in the game design portfolio section there and then private message me if you want to talk about it.
  11. I believe this is the rite place for this question but I could be wrong so please forgive me if I am. So I managed to stop my objects from falling through the floor but now instead of colliding they just pass through each other, any ideas how to fix this solution?
  12. DjIceCuddi

    Flight Sim Unity

    Hi I'm a 3D modeler attending University for my AA in Game Development and I'm working on a flight simulator I should have several different models all completely textured in 3 months but I need a programmer to write the controls and do the UI, basically I'm looking to build a team for this flight sim I allready have several models prepared so if you're interested private message me here and we'll talk.
  13. Hi I'm a 3d modeler looking to hone my skills, I'm currently attending university for my AA in Game Development and they're teaching me how to 3d model rite now so I'm really looking for a chance to grow my skills, if you have room for a modeler just send me a message here and I'll get back to you.
  14. Also looking for a writer to help develop the lore and political and philosophical situations of the world, I'll do the modeling for assets.
  15. Looking for a developer who's proficient at Unity.
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