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  1. RickBaker

    Bare bones AAA team

    I have never heard of a software architect. Sounds like OOP Office Orientated Programmer. Keep the teams from reinventing the wheel. Let's add to this hypothetical, that same architect can keep all divisions synced. He/She can also keep the tools lined up with the asset pipeline from a Film Studio to a Game Studio, being able to exchange both assets(cloud) and tools for various other tools, for example Houdini to Unreal Engine with modifications.
  2. RickBaker

    Bare bones AAA team

    This started as hypothetical, I know I would need writers and a cloud. In my current position we already have that for film production. I was wondering how many devs and designers, etc...as a hypothetical situation to distract me from boredom.
  3. RickBaker

    Bare bones AAA team

    I love that, but wouldn’t more devs everywhere also introduce more bugs that would require QA to work out? I get the ego as it is the same in the film world.
  4. RickBaker

    Bare bones AAA team

    I am not talking off the shelf assets but graphics our designers have already made.
  5. RickBaker

    Bare bones AAA team

    What if you are already using a pipeline for CGI assets in Houdini and those will be the main art assets with anything extra need being shot in the studio? If you already have the offices and motion capture and sound stages? This is hilarious!! Triple me team, time to get the robots out.
  6. RickBaker

    Bare bones AAA team

    Thank you.
  7. RickBaker

    Bare bones AAA team

    Awesome, 18 years is a few years long time for a kid2 seconds for an older person. Ignore the gray in my hair.
  8. RickBaker

    Bare bones AAA team

    Awesome, thank you for playing along with the scenario. ok, let’s say your a billionaire and you just want to blow money not caring about the costs but you can’t build in North America. To give my background in real life I am currently an executive for an a-list production studio for movies, that loves to program algorithms to solve problems. I also love video games. I also love to come up with imaginary scenarios that are hard but possible. my personal life doesn’t matter for this though as I’m just having fun with a made up scenario and love using my imagination. I always came up with around $100,000,000 budget for 3 years with 50 on the team, still excluding hr and what not. With wiggle room to 5 years. I am curious what others come up with. A distraction per say and enjoy theoretical scenarios. Theorycrafting but instead of at a game, at the studio itself. For example if you wondered what made a game that could easily be aaa but shipped as a. Or if they used this tool instead or that tool. Did they throw away the white papers? Where did they find this non standardized library referencing pascal code etc... Just a fun game. I am curious to see what others come up with. If no one wants to play that’s cool too.
  9. RickBaker

    Bare bones AAA team

    Yea that is why the imaginary 2 year startup fund is at 80,000,000usd. I guess imagine a company that gets 40,000,000 a year regardless. Let’s add that “cheat code”. That isn’t there total budget but garenteed, add to that which will never go away on top of any money coming in on future titles and expansion of the team to larger and larger say running 3 IPs. the characters are well designed using psychology to hook the player. The hypothetical of all the designers, programmers, leads, qa is all in the top of their field. Let’s set their salary at $200,000. That’s 2-5 million a year on salary’s for 10-25 people. Have fun with it.
  10. RickBaker

    Bare bones AAA team

    That’s why it’s hypothetical I have never come up with a good number in my spare time playing with it. I understand the pipeline of development. I know about assets, polish, the amount of time just those two take, again that’s why I say hypothetical and what would change if needed. Gta series runs around 600-700 employees at rockstar north. I also know about the costs of motion capture, the scoring for the sound track, the process times on rendering, that is real world I am trying to think of a solvable unsolvable question in an imaginary world. I am not meaning MMO here, I am referencing triple aaa type like diablo, torchlight, final fantasy, Zelda, civilization, total war, etc. although Zelda is locked by Nintendo so it’s always going to look horrible.
  11. RickBaker

    Bare bones AAA team

    I am curious, low likelihood how? This is all speculation at an imaginary game studio. Would it need a year or more? 15 employees? What makes it possible with a low likelyhood?
  12. RickBaker

    Bare bones AAA team

    Hello, My curious mind has been wondering what a bare bones AAA crew would be. I will list what would be required and fill free to add if I missed something. Working capital $20,000,000 --- $80,000,000 for first 2 years. I am curious if a crew of 10 could make a triple a game in 2 years the pool of applicants would be very well experienced. No need to worry about CEO and President outside of salary. The CEO is also an intermediate algorithm programmer. HR is also taken care of. Access to hundreds of thousands of art assets from Hollywood to Photorealistic. This is strictly the team that would be programming the game. Publishing is taken care of, marketing taken care of. This question I have been curious about for years, so I have had time to create the scenario. 5 people, 10 people, 15, 20, etc... Lead Developer? Lead Designer? Designers? Programmers? Music? Artists? QA? Any positions I missed. Again assume wages for the crew at expert, the computers, desks, office, food, creative room(legos knex etc), think tank room with massage chairs, outdoor bbq area. If I missed something bring it up, this is imaginary so think sandbox where everyone can play in the discussion, but with some real world. I am thinking probably 10 mil a year for running the studio, I could be way off. I think this could be a cool discussion. Thank you
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