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  1. ToeBeans The Brave

    Dead MMORPGs

    When I was younger, I played AT LEAST 12 different MMORPGs (Think ToonTown, FusionFall, Runescape, etc.), but most of them are gone now. Why the decline in popularity? What type of MMORPG do you think it would take to be massively popular like the ones in the past?
  2. ToeBeans The Brave

    Story Feedback

    It will be a big focus of the story and character, but it definitely won't be the only thing that there is to the story. I myself have OCD, and while it isn't the most severe case that there is, I've had it since I was a kid and it has given me more anxiety and stress than I care to admit. I've done reading on how it works, the tricks it uses, how it gets worse, and how it gets better. I've experienced it first hand every single day, and noticed more things about my patterns and behavior than I thought I ever would since I started learning about it, including things that I most likely would have never even given a second thought otherwise. I know that everyone has different triggers and ways of coping, and while I can't tailor the character to everyone's experience, I can at least write from mine.
  3. ToeBeans The Brave

    Story Feedback

    Okay, this would be for a PC game. It would be a pixel 2D fighting game with heavy story elements. General Story: A girl is sent to a mysterious medical facility that houses different kinds of "summoners", or people who accidentally end up summoning manifestations of their emotions. It is more of an experimental kind of set up rather than the helpful facade that the caretakers like to put up, and there are a lot of odd rules in place that keep the residents from wandering the hallways or contacting anyone outside of the walls. The girl suffers from OCD, and it gives her a lot of anxiety that ends up turning into small, dark creatures that she has to fight off on occasion. Throughout her stay at the facility, she meets and becomes friends with various caretakers, such as the doctors and nurses, and other patients who have their own monsters to deal with. Everything is calm, and peaceful. That is, until people at the facility start disappearing. It started with one staff member. Then another. Now even the patients are starting to go missing. The facility tries to play it off as if everything is normal, but even they can't cover up the strange noises at night, and the rumors of something terrible going on within the walls of what was thought to be a safe place.\As tension and anxiety rises, all of the monsters become stronger and more aggressive. And so the girl, along with her new friends, decide to investigate what exactly is going on by sneaking around the facility and collecting clues, all the while fighting against their inner demons. I am not experienced with making stories, so please judge the crap out of this so I know what to improve on. If I made something too ambiguous, I'd be happy to clarify what I mean, or give a more detailed description.
  4. ToeBeans The Brave

    Attempt 2 (New Idle Animation)

    I have upgraded the animation since this comment, but it's more so a shading upgrade and everything animation wise is more or less the same. I've tried a few different types of legs to prevent it from looking so stiff, with kind of crappy results, so that's going to be something to work on. The other stiffness in the animation that you mention, I feel like, would be more so to do with the clothing. The hoodie and the shorts just kinda stick to the player like it's stuck in place, and I didn't really notice until you pointed it out and I took a closer look. Luckily, I did take into consideration having a more dynamic pose, but I'm going to be using that for combat specific scenes where the player is actually holding a weapon and ready to go. This is more of a... 'There's nothing happening at the moment' pose, if that makes any sense? Kind of like an NPC that isn't doing anything. As usual, appreciate the feedback!
  5. ToeBeans The Brave

    What do you imagine here?

    Yep, fixing the balloons for sure. Took a break from making character related things to work on a pixelated background, and now that I'm looking back on it I hate how they all move like a block lol. Endgame credits seems to be the common theme here, something for me to keep in mind! Thanks for the feedback
  6. ToeBeans The Brave

    What do you imagine here?

    Yes, I too thought that the balloons were lacking, and I plan on working on them some more if I can actually figure out a solid use for this animation.
  7. ToeBeans The Brave

    What do you imagine here?

    I spent a lot of time making this unfinished animation, but afterwards I realized I had no idea what the heck I was going to do with it. I'm making a 2d pixel game and I wasn't sure how I would go about implementing this. When you look at it, what do you imagine would be there after the balloons float away? A loading screen? An achievement? The start of a new chapter? Credits??
  8. ToeBeans The Brave

    Attempt 2 (New Idle Animation)

    This took me a little bit longer than I care to admit, but I have upgraded my previous Idle animation! The first one that I made is at the top and the upgraded one is at the bottom. Anyone who can provide constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!
  9. ToeBeans The Brave

    Looking For Constructive Criticism(My First Sprites)

    Thanks for the feedback!
  10. ToeBeans The Brave

    Looking For Constructive Criticism(My First Sprites)

    Thank you for the advice! I totally see what you mean about it seeming "glued" in some areas, and I'll work on fixing it. I found the videos that you provided to be particularly helpful and will be coming back to reference them
  11. Hello everyone! I'm new to programming and pixel art, and I would greatly appreciate hearing some feedback on my Idle and Running animations. I'm looking for constructive criticism so that I can become better at making sprites in the future, so don't hold back!
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