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    New to game design

    I am new to using these kind of sites and not sure how to go about doing things. I would like to know more about game design besides what my school is teaching me. I have always been interested in the field of making game but have been to scared to reach out and learn until now
  2. Frostbite2927

    New to game design

    Hi i am new to all this and i am just getting started in game design degree from full sail university, i will admit i do not know much about computers and stuff but i am more then willing to learn i am hoping to find a mentor to help me through this . I have been told in the past that i have some great ideas on games and that i am really good at looking at the detail in games and finding things that are wrong with them or things that could be added so i decided to go forth and get my degree. I am a shy person when it comes to talking to others but once i open up i am more then willing to learn from the best. Thank you all for reading this and i hope to hear from someone soon until then have a great day.
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