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  1. Tomato Head

    Discarding Ideas

    That is a great answer! Surely there is more condensed wisdom here that lots of GD classes!
  2. Tomato Head

    Discarding Ideas

    At what time it is interesting to get outside feedback? I know that super early maybe you yourself might not have the most polished ideas so getting negative feedback might kill something that it could be good latter on. Getting feedback latter might make you already super attached to something you have created and make it hard to let go (and also mean a great loss of time). Should we understand that some people might be able to contribute to your ideas even without a prototype (probably other game designers) and some others have to see something working to be able to add something produtive to you? How negative feedback should impact what you are doing? Some people just don't like certain specifics of some games while other find them great fun.
  3. Tomato Head

    Discarding Ideas

    This is a great idea. Thank you for the tip!
  4. Tomato Head

    Discarding Ideas

    So what I understand from what you are saying is that SOMETIMES there is no way of knowning whether a idea is worhwhile unless you develop a little bit more. As you got more experience you probably learn to discard these faster, right? The problem I have is that there is more than one game I would like to make. All ideas seem viable and are at the same technical level. I would like to have some criteria to be able to discard the lesser ones or the at least prioritize (first A, then B, then C).
  5. Tomato Head

    How to add skill to a turn based game

    Final Fantasy VI (basically a turn based combat game) had Sabin which was a fighter that you actually had to input his combos. The more complicated the key inputs the better the effect. If you messed up he would either do a very basic attack or stumble. Every character in that game had different mechanics, and even if Sabin demanded a little bit more I never found him cumbersome or annoying to play, quite the opposite.
  6. Tomato Head

    Discarding Ideas

    Hello everybody, I'm very interested in learning what is your process for discarding core game concepts that you've have come up with. Knowing that it is very hard to work on more that one development at once and plenty of people have more than one idea for games in their head, how do you discard or prioritize your concepts? Have many of you created prototypes and only then found the concept is not good? Have you found that there are core concepts that are bad and can never be iterated to get a playable/good game? Any advice is very much welcomed.
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