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    refresh rate problem ? nvidia ?

    It might actually be the monitor itself, that's just how it comes out to look. LCD's aren't the best for animation and gaming, but a decent LCD shouldn't do that. Are you sure that if you use a different card with the same monitor, you still get tearing?
  2. cb007sax

    Whats the benefit from using pointers

    There's more to pointers than that, read an article or get a book? :D
  3. send me a zip file of all those files to simplemail@gmail.com. I'll take a personal look at it for you! :p
  4. Yes, there are GPL monsters out there, but come on. I have no problem with downloading closed source linux libraries, but you are walking over the entire linux paradigm. What do you expect people to say when the entire operating system is revolving around an open source, free software solution. If you're going to make it free anyways, why not release the source you wrote, and keep YOUR in-house libraries closed. Also, I think this also is a bad trend for linux programmers. Once you start closing source, people will start selling, and that just crushes the hopes of linux.
  5. cb007sax

    Finished game feedback

    Daniel, your graphics card doesn't support multitexturing. The programmer will have to provide fallback for you, else you can't play.
  6. cb007sax

    MIDP dynamic loading

    I don't think I've seen an isometric game that uses dynamic tiling like that. Usually, it puts many many tiles in ram, and when you go really far over on the map, it loads a completely new tileset or something. This 3 tile away system won't work at all. You'll never be successful having to constantly load images.
  7. cb007sax

    Reducing complexity

    I understand what he is saying about abstract concepts for AI, and there is a database of knowledge out there, it's called books.
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