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  1. What would be your best recommendation of a free engine to use to make a 2D or a 3D game without using any code. To make a finished game which can earn some decent bucks? Thanks
  2. Thank you for a reply. I understand.
  3. Hi, I am new here. I just made an account to ask this question. Sorry if this topic is in wrong section. Please feel free to move it where it would fit. Thanks. I recently got interested in making my own game. But I am not a coder. So I discovered this free engine called GDevelop which doesn't require any coding knowledge. I am interested in making a Side Scroller Shooter game. But the few games which were made using this engine were all looking retro-ish. As if they were 20 years old. Is it possible to make a pretty and a modern looking game. An example would be the game called My Friend Pedro. Visually it looks pretty good. Thanks before hand. YogShakti
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