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  1. @Kylotan thanks for the fair answer. So you think Unity is not suitable for FPS. And whats the reason for this? What differs FPS game from RPG fro example in terms of Unity? I will check FPS sample and all have a look on Unreal. At this stage I have no much preference in engine. But for Unity I like how they moving their architecture to ECS and they announced multiplayer support for Entity framework. I feel like in Unity to achieve my goal will be just easier. I realize that my questions may be dumb and my understanding of topic very limited, so I've decided to post this question here.
  2. Hi guys, I'm new to game dev, but not new to software engineering. At the moment I'm thinking about high level components for multiplayer FPS game. I want to know how to organize functional components in the Unity project. We are going (we are 2 guys) to utilize 2020.1 Alpha the the moment and use ECS and DOTS concepts to build foundation. We want to have 2 teams, different weapons, game map, game objectives like points to control. Symmetrical designed levels. Imaging something like CS:GO, Battlefield mid-size maps, COD etc. At the moment game design is not clear for me yet. I see some solutions, but also I have a lot of questions to address. As result of this topic I would like to gain some understanding about Unity ECS project structure for Multiplayer FPS. Will be very happy to hear from this community, also looking for good resources to read/watch about this topic. Please keep in mind I'm completely new to game dev. I predict some criticism on our goals, but lets keep this apart from this discussion. Thank you in advance!
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