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  1. Hello, Currently i think about creating a game with unity. But this project is to big for a single person, so I thought about showing my project on kickstarter. My question is, should i make a trailer first? At first i think of a trailer that shows what the game is going to be, like a little „movie“ or „teaser“ made with blender (CGI). Second I thougt about to show some gameplay, but i think this option would be not as good as a trailer which is representing the game as it should be. Pc games and even some Boardgames on Kickstarter have awesome CGI trailers. They raised good money with these CGI trailers to finance their project. My game is going to be a 3D simulation game and it will have lots of content. That‘s why i personally think a CGI trailer would be better and „easier“. I‘m from germany, we don‘t have game designer courses to study unfortunately. That‘s why i ask this question here. So, what would you recommend? Thanks for helpful answers.
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