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  1. allrts dot com

    How do you make Windows 10 barely usable?

    In this case, I don't see a better solution than create a backup of your files and reinstall windows 10 (or try other operational system like Windows 8.1). Somethimes when we disable some services, the OS will be slow or with limited functions because it can be a important program to the system.
  2. allrts dot com

    What are some of the things you like in games?

    Real-time strategy games are (in my opinion) the best games (like Warcraft III, Age of Empires and Stacraft).
  3. allrts dot com

    Choosing Which Computer to Use with Visual Studio

    In general, when you have a similar specification of both desktop and notebook, the personal computer is better because the processor is more fast. But between your Acer Aspire laptop and HP Compaq, I would choose the notebook because it have a strong processor (i7) and 8GB of RAM. How Visual Studio is a slow software (I used this programm before) you will need the best computer to run it.
  4. allrts dot com

    What makes a game an "indie" game?

    I don't know, for me a indie game is when a freelancer (or a small group of developers) create a game with a limited budget.
  5. allrts dot com

    Github and Viruses

    When you download Github's projects is always important to use a very good antivirus (like Kaspersky or NOD32). If you can't afford a paid antivirus there is Avira that is free and good too.
  6. allrts dot com

    Considering a Computer's OS

    Yes, once you have the original key, both installation media and the purchasable license always will work when you reinstall a Windows Operational System. But if you use Windows XP (for example) there is no security support anymore, so you will not receive new critical updates.
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