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  1. My apologies for setting up such a confusing post in the first place. If anyone is wondering why i wanted a discord in the first place was for a better messaging system. I do not just want to talk about ideas for a game, but in fact design a game. It is a passion project and any one is welcome to participate. I have written all of the basic mechanics of the game i wish to achieve, there is a pdf file in this reply. These are just the basic mechanics, there is much more that i have in terms of an idea. The bassic mechanics.pdf
  2. Mr. Fleabay I have send you a private message, as well as have said that i would explain more when you join the discord. If you do not want to join and hear out what i have to say, then i cannot explain to you the ideas that i have.
  3. Pardon me, I should have clarified it better. I do intend to actually attend to make a game. I have send some personal messages to people who want to participate, and on those messages there is a discord link.
  4. Ahh.. I understand now, Thank you.
  5. My apologies, should I take down the post and put it in the right forum category?
  6. To be quite honest I have very small knowledge into game design. The thing is i am tired of playing these games that do not listen to their player base and just want money, at the same time those games that do listen never progress. I am just looking for anyone with free time that has at least some idea how code games and is just looking for a hobby to work on while not at work. This thread is not about money opportunity or jobs, just about someone who is passionate about games and wants to discuss ideas.
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