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  1. leoptimus

    A Free 3D Engine for PS3

    But, has anyone the experience of porting an OGRE3D game to consoles? I heard from someone that prefers OpenSceneGraph instead of OGRE3D because OSG presents less issues on porting games to the PS2.
  2. Hi. Which Free 3D engine is more convenient for developing games for consoles like the PS3 and PSP? Ogre3D does?
  3. leoptimus

    Skeletal Animation Engine

    Well, can you share us the code of your engine? Is it open source? The idea is good. It is applicable to physics based models too? A idea for improve your engine is to use Vertex arrays or Vertex Buffer Objects. Take a look to the Gammaleon Engine at :
  4. Good news: Finally ODE Trimesh-Trimesh Collision works correctly. Really works. No fakes!! Trimesh-trimesh collision system was refactored, replacing OPCODE with GIMPACT. see:
  5. leoptimus

    List of free libraries

    GIMPACT : Collision detection library.
  6. Good news: Finally ODE Trimesh-Trimesh Collision works correctly. Really works. No fakes!! Trimesh-trimesh collision system was refactored, replacing OPCODE with GIMPACT. see:
  7. Hi. I just want to ask you about legal issues about GPL and LGPL licences. Can I integrate a GPL software to my LGPL project? And my LGPL project can be used on commercial games with that GPL thing included? Well, I already know that if you develop a product based on other GPL software, your software must be Open Source GPL too. But LGPL covers only the library and you can link it to propietary commercial products. That's confusing for me.
  8. leoptimus

    I want to start my own gamedev business

    Games which requires subscription fee (Like Masive Online RPG) don't suffer the problems of piracy. If your game depends of a sever, every is safe because you can control the whole game activities. (Not necessary 100% safe; hackers will be working around your online game, but the piracy incidency is relative lower than regular stand alone games)
  9. Hi. In recent years I've noted that game developers are focusing on developing very Big MMORPG systems, or very advanced (and complicated ) shooters with the lastest techonlogy avaliable on this world (I think that today's shooters must have the features of HalfLife2 for compete in this market). While these developers are putting their effort on make their titles full of features, they sacrifice the simplicity for fulfill the tecnology standars. So their games often lack on easy gameplay and gamers can't play them in an intuitive way. But I've discovered that simple games are still adictive, no matter if they don't have a very impressive technology. I meet many people that prefers games with simple action instead of those very Big RPG which ask a subscription fee for play. So concerning on ocasional games (For people who plays ocasionally) , is there big money on their market? I've found some interesting games those deserve some consideration: My Favorite Dinner Dash: Snail Mail:
  10. And where OpenGL feedback mode is executed? on GPU or on System CPU?
  11. leoptimus

    CG parameter setting in OPENGL

    Instead, Use cgSetParameter1f(CGparameter param,float x ); Works for me, on OpenGL 100%.
  12. Hi. Is there any OpenGL extension that allows to retrieve transformed vertices to a VBO similar to IDirect3DDevice9::ProcessVertices? IDirect3DDevice9::ProcessVertices only requires the Vertex Shader functionality for work. Quote: IDirect3DDevice9::ProcessVertices Applies the vertex processing defined by the vertex shader to the set of input data streams, generating a single stream of interleaved vertex data to the destination vertex buffer. HRESULT ProcessVertices( UINT SrcStartIndex, UINT DestIndex, UINT VertexCount, IDirect3DVertexBuffer9 * pDestBuffer, IDirect3DVertexDeclaration9* pVertexDecl, DWORD Flags ); If OpenGL don't, What a waste of resources it has!!! Dx9 will have a high score on this.
  13. leoptimus

    Physics on GPU

    Hi. Where can I find some sample code of physics running on Graphics hardware? I've already look the two examples of particle physics in the Nvidia SDK 9.5. But there isn't an example for how to process Rigid Body Dynamics.
  14. In Fragment shaders, How to declare global static variables on GLSL those allows to be written? Something for achieve an accumulative calculation, like a sumatory or an average of all processed fragments?
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