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  1. Endurion

    How do you make Windows 10 barely usable?

    You seem to have pretty much done everything to convert it from highly usable to barely usable. Good job! How about a few more registry clean up tools and maybe one or two shutup tools so it simply has to break on the next update?
  2. Endurion

    fill fixed byte with values

    In regular C# BitConverter is what you're looking for, I don't know if it's available in Unity though: https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/dotnet/api/system.bitconverter?view=netframework-4.8
  3. Windows Error Code 2 means "file not found", make sure you've got the correct paths.
  4. Endurion

    Doom Challenge

    Haven't put that much more time in it yet. I'm just implementing features instead of working of a likeable stage The enemy now has 4 side views which are rotated according to camera. Also added are switch walls, and doors are up next. The player can now shoot and the shot is also properly handled at walls (and holes in walls, as I allow more than one slice per triangle element) A bit annoying to have dynamic elements, as all the static content is a huge vertex buffer per texture. The current solution is to manually draw switch walls and doors; which by itself is batched so should be performant enough for a smaller level.
  5. I'd like to request to also add Microsoft Store links to a project. There's links for App Store and Play Store and Steam, so why not the Microsoft one too?
  6. Endurion

    Storing full games on paper?

    Another challenge thoroughly overlooked here is that you also have to have defined specs of the runtime environment (for e.g. graphic, sound, input), unless you go text only. Assembly is one thing, but it obviously is designed for one specific architecture. No OS below, unless you also put that on paper.
  7. Endurion

    Doom Challenge

    Oh boy, I was happy to finally see this challenge going, but boy again, did I underestimate the challenge I always wanted to do the "simple" structure and now I've got something working. Pseudo 3d like Doom, with a simple level structure. Wall collision is working, a enemy is moving towards the player, but that's it so far. I'm trying to have a little editor, but creating a decent level is tough! I'm getting old, it took me a while to get the texture alignment working on connected walls. This would have been a 10 minute job a few years ago Here's how it looks currently (behold my programmer art!)
  8. Endurion

    how to get world matrix in d3d9

    From the official docs: This method will not return device state for a device that is created using D3DCREATE_PUREDEVICE. If you want to use this method, you must create your device with any of the other flag values in D3DCREATE. Can't you simply cache the value yourself on every SetTransform call?
  9. Endurion

    Problem building with VS Code & MSVC

    Usually a space in a path requires using quotes in front and at the end of the path string.
  10. Endurion

    win 32 pong

    Do yourself a favor and try not to use the ternary operator. Break the code in cleanly readable snippets. Make the intended logic obvious and add enough parenthesis so there is no guessing on operator priority required. Breaking up the first two lines yields the following. This removes the syntax errors, the mixing of types with flag (is it an int or a float?) and the (for me at least) unclear preference of && vs. < in the first comparison. Also, you better not compare floats with direct values (comp_velocity == 0.1f). This may work if you never do any arithmethic with floats, but once you do start it'll fall apart (rounding errors will creep in). if ( ( comp_move < screen_width ) && ( flag == 0 ) ) { comp_velocity = 0.1f; } else { comp_velocity = -0.1f; } if ( comp_velocity == 0.1f ) { comp_move += 1.0f; } else { comp_move -= 1.0; }
  11. Endurion

    Custom GIF decoder issue

    I think that the problem's not the color table. AFAIR there was a bit, if the previous frame content was to be kept in place and the new frame would only overwrite some existing pixels. It's in the graphic control extension struct, in the packed bits, called disposal method. The rotating earth has method 1 = Do not dispose. The graphic is to be left place.
  12. Endurion

    drawing triangle

    The colors are defined by the D3DCOLOR_XRGB macros. The three parameters are R, G and B part of the color. I'd get a different tutorial. This code names the R, G, B parts with x, y, z (which is highly confusing).
  13. Endurion

    Celebrating 20 Years of GameDev.net

    Congrats! Floorcaek and rope for all
  14. Endurion

    Latest from GameDev.net - May 2018

    The breakage of my journal entries was not entirely convincing to go ahead with tutorials I do hear the call though. Also, the message editor, my personal pet peeve, is simply crap. It's trying to be a word processor and fails. If you want to have word processor documents, let me upload a .doc file which I can conveniently edit offline. A web browser is still 20 years from being an adequate replacement for real programs. At least add a bbcode mode so the formatting is actually visible and editable. I really hate the single-enter-results-in-paragraph mode. Regarding groups, I still do not see any kind of benefit they have over plain forums. Maybe you could work on promoting the group advantages. What could convince me if they were available for all forums and you could also reorder the personal group list. Regarding projects: Could you also add Microsoft Store as source like there's for AppStore, Steam, etc.? TLDR: I'm probably just getting old and grumpy, but I don't like things getting in my way and slowing me down.
  15. Endurion

    Get 'em Good

    Get 'em Good is a remake of a C64 game called Get 'em DX. It's a mixture of Pacman, a shooter and strategic extra usage. Clear every screen of all dots. Be sure to fight back enemies, as they drop nice extras. Pickup 9 of a kind to activate a particular powerup. Once all dots are collected grab the key and unlock the exit! Careful though, the enemies will get faster and tougher as the stages advance. So you have to be on your toes and be sure to grab enough powerups to keep up with them. Randomized stages allow for high replayability as no two games are alike! Play alone or team up. Both players play with one score and one pool of lives. The one who activates an powerup is the only one to receive it though
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