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  1. October 2017 GameDev Challenge: Arcade Battle Arena!

    Here's a GIF (thanks ScreenToGIF) of my entry, probably named Birdie's Revenge. It's a sequel of sorts to an old Bubble Bobble clone I wrote for DOS (Turbo Pascal, yay!) The game play is Bubble Bobble like, but I plan to add quite a few more extras than the old clone had:
  2. October 2017 GameDev Challenge: Arcade Battle Arena!

    I'm probably in too. I'm using my home made Xtreme engine, which I've already used for WoA entries (and most other games on my home page). I'm going for a second part of a Bubble Bobble clone I wrote back in DOS ages with Turbo Pascal. The levels are storied binary as well. If I ever see I'm going to do lots of stages I usually implement a simple editor in the game itself. A real editor helps a lot if you want to quickly test out different things.
  3. Switching shaders will do the trick. DeviceContext->VSSetShader and DeviceContext->PSSetShader will do that. Rendering is done in the order you specify. Everything you render is rendered with the currently set shader. Once you switch shader everything will use that other shader.
  4. If you want to go even older you can try out older Home Computer systems, like the C64 or Atari. They are quite simple (albeit not without quirks), emulators are available and the systems are usually documented out the wazoo.
  5. Welcome to the GameDev Challenges Forum

    Oooh, interesting. Will there also be timed challenges as in "Challenge of the Week", etc?
  6. The whole code is usually better My educated guess: You use the parameterless of GUI inside your Button class, thus w stays uninitialised ( = null ) You either need to pass RenderWindow into all your GUI components or, probably cleaner, use RendererWindow as parameter to Draw and not as member at all.
  7. Yeah, of course it can do analog. Regarding samples, you might have luck in older DirectX SDKs, they had nice samples.
  8. Tile Picker

    What JTippetts said: Tile picking is easy enough. Ensure that one pixel on the screen is actually one pixel in your world. This happens if the client size does not match the backbuffer size.
  9. It looks like you'd reset to the complete original location even if only y is blocked. Try updating originalLocation once the x part is done.
  10. How to #include my own header into the game?

    if ( GameMode->something ) is not a check for a NULL pointer. A check for a NULL pointer is exactly checking if a pointer is NULL: if ( GameMode == NULL ) { // do NOT access GameMode } God, this message editor is driving me nuts!
  11. I usually call that method IsAreaBlocked. Just any descriptive name so you know by the name what it does.
  12. One of the grand "features" of a tile map is that you can calculate the overlapped tiles from a rectangle easily. So you don't have to traverse the full map: int x1 = pLeft / 32; int x2 = ( pRight + 31 ) / 32; int y1 = pTop / 32; int y2 = ( pBottom + 31 ) / 32; for ( int y = y1; y <= y2; ++y ) { for ( in x = x1; x <= x2; ++x ) { if ( col[y][x] != 0 ) { // collision! } } } PS: why the P prefix? PSS: This code message editor is annoying me to no end! Why the hell does it remove all line breaks whenever I go to code view.
  13. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Congrats to all entrants, and esp. dmatter, well done! I missed the final polish and a few other things and therefore got quite a lower voting than hoped. Ah well, I've learned something! And big thanks to sliver4ever and all judges for the work they put into this contest!
  14. Thanks a lot! That looks perfect for my task
  15. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Got Twitch workin, weird beast. Ouch You didn't even get to climb, you just had to walk towards a wall (albeit one without a block). I guess I failed pretty hard on the tutorials, without naming the keys and giving a bit more info. A shame, but clearly to blame only onto myself. Once you get into the later levels things get really way more interesting than in the video.