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  1. Vikato

    How To Build Your Console

    There are a couple of kits here that may be what you are looking for, specifically the XGameStation and the HYDRA Game Development Kit, that allow you to build an 8 bit console from scratch and learn to program games for it.
  2. Given your experience with Lua, I would recommend sticking with it and use Löve2d for a game engine with ZeroBrane Studio for an IDE.
  3. I think the scripting is done with Lua and not a C-based language, but RPGMaker VX Ace looks like it would meet all of your requirements. I've played around with it and seems to have a lot more depth than it first appears. Retails for $70 USD I believe. Also has a Lite version you can try for free.
  4. Did you check out Enigma engine? Pretty much GameMaker but free. Most GameMaker projects and tutorials will work with very minor adjustments. Projects get translated to C++ then compiled to binary for either Windows, Mac or Linux. Haven't had a chance to dive too deep with it other than to try my GameMaker projects in it, but seems promising.
  5. I've been playing around with a library called Löve 2d. It's pure code (Lua) and no DnD gui, but well documented and quite capable of any 2d game. Tutorials abound and the official wiki has thorough API docs. Windows, Mac and Linux as well.   If you are looking for something a little more GameMaker-like, try Enigma. It's also open source, cross platform, compiles to native binaries and has a gui that is basically a clone of GameMaker 8.1.
  6. Vikato

    Python 2D game engine

    Pygame all the way, for a beginner. PySDL2 and Pyglet are good and gaining traction, but I would really recommend pygame if you are starting out.   * As stated below, these are not game "engines" per se, but as of right now, you will not find a 2d game engine unless you want to use an outdated version of python (i.e. 2.4, 2.5, 2.6) but if you don't mind that I guess there's Cocos2d.
  7. Pelles C? comes with an IDE, but all build tools are command line. C only.
  8. Vikato

    Game Maker, Unity, or Blender?

    While there seems to be limited use of the Blender Game Engine, this ( guy appears to have done pretty well with it. And he's 15 if that provides any additional encouragement to give it a try.
  9. Vikato

    [NEED] Game API for Symbian C++

    How about this?
  10. Second vote for Blender. There are complaints about learning curve, but to use any modeling software proficiently involves a learning curve. Alternatively, you can download Truespace 7.6 for free.
  11. Vikato

    I hate blender...

    Blender's interface is a bit cumbersome at first, but provides for a fairly efficient workflow (even more so in 2.5). After about an hour I could model fairly well in it. Now the advanced stuff like lighting, rendering, animation, video compositing, etc take a while to learn, but so does any piece of reasonably complex software.
  12. Vikato

    Image Stitching

    A computer language is not much different from a written language. The same thing can be said in multiple languages. The people who wrote the examples you looked at just happened to use C. Algorithms can be implemented in whatever language you use (disclaimer: exceptions do exist).
  13. Vikato

    [java] Java console on Vista

    Same way as all other Windows versions, right click the task tray icon and select 'Open Console'. If that doesn't work, go to the Java control panel applet and change the console option to 'Open' (its under the advanced tab).
  14. There are driver wrappers that are *supposed* to work seamlessly to translate glide to opengl, but if you are working from source, it would probably be best to replace the glide calls with calls to opengl. One of the better Glide Wrappers
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