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  1. Laptop advice needed - 2x7900 Go GS vs. 1xGTX?

    There have been two Dell computers in my family before, and we received excellent customer service on both when problems came up.
  2. Laptop advice needed - 2x7900 Go GS vs. 1xGTX?

    I just wanted to mention that, after reading the Alienware horror stories, I've decided to get a Dell XPS M1710 instead. Dell overprices their computers, and I wish I could get something with SLI, but having good customer service is pretty essential on a purchase this expensive, since I can't repair it on my own like I could with a desktop. The computer I'm getting will have a 2 GHz duo core processor, a single 7900 Go GTX, and a full gig of memory. Thanks so much for your advice, guys, and thanks for the warning about Alienware. For whoever got screwed by them before: their business practices just cost them over $2000.
  3. Laptop advice needed - 2x7900 Go GS vs. 1xGTX?

    Quote:Original post by Talroth What do you want a laptop for rather than a desktop? if you need to carry it around to your classes, a large 17inch is going to kill you. get 15 or lower. (as low a screen as you can go and still feel that you can get your work done.) Also, someone should link you to the alienware thread. in general, not good. It's not to take it to class. It's because I can't ship large quantities of electronics back and forth at an efficient cost, or without having them destroyed by UPS no matter how obsessively careful the packing is. I'd be interested in seeing the alienware thread. If anyone wants to suggest a better manufacturer, I'm all ears.
  4. I need to get a laptop for college. In my situation, a desktop or shuttle absolutely is not an option. I'd like this laptop to be a functional gaming platform for my remaining three college years if possible. I'd specifically like to be able to nurse my Oblivion addiction, although I don't expect to be able to max out the settings. I have about $2300 to do this with. That's a flexible number, but I only want to go above it if there's a really tangible performance benefit to doing so, since anything above that would really tax me financially. I'm currently looking at the Alienware Aurora m9700 with this configuration: AMD Turion 64 Mobile ML34 1.8GHz 512 MB 400 MHz Dual Channel DDR Dual 256MB GeForce Go 7900 GS That would run me $2,198 before shipping, service plan, and maybe a hard drive upgrade. Here are the things I need to know: 1) Is this a good choice? I could "upgrade" to this for $301: AMD 64 X2 4200+ 1 gig 400 MHz Dual Channel DDR Single 256MB GeForce Go 7900 GTX but I don't know if the 7900 GTX would actually beat the dual 7900 GSes. And, if it did, would it really justify $301? 2) Will this system (the first one I described) run Oblivion? I don't expect great framerates in outdoor environments, I'm just looking for it to be playable. I need to get this ordered ASAP so I can use it at the start of the school year, so I really appreciate whatever advice you guys can offer.
  5. How high can you... hear?

    I can absolutely hear every frequency on there except the 15 Hz. I have high quality studio monitor headphones (MDR-V6.) However, it gets progressively quieter at the higher frequencies. Past 16 kHz, it starts getting noticeably quieter. The 22 kHz is barely audible, and definitely would blend in with background noise. Do you guys also hear each successive higher frequency as being quieter than the last?
  6. I had to ship a 50 pound CRT monitor across the US, and despite being wrapped in multiple layers of thick bubble wrap and several pillows, UPS managed to hit the package so hard that it left long cracks running through the monitor's thick plastic housing. It still works, but I'm worried about whether or not it's safe to use at this point. I see two possible problems: either a fire or radiation hazard. Fire, if something broke loose and causes some kind of short circuit, or radiation, if the damage somehow screwed up the CRT's radiation shielding. How realistic do you guys think either of these concerns are? Should I go ahead and use the damaged monitor, or am I better off just writing this off as an unlucky loss?
  7. Video card advice?

    The fan on my video card has stopped spinning. Now, any time I try to run a 3D application, it begins to overheat and die after a brief while. I need to get a replacement video card, but I haven't been keeping up on the video card market for a very long time, and I need some suggestions on what to get. I'm looking for something better than my old GeForce 4 Ti, but I won't be using it much for more than five months (at which point I'll be switching to a laptop rather than a desktop), so I don't want to spend a lot on it. Something in the neighborhood of $200 or less would be reasonable. Any suggestions?
  8. Laptop advice?

    I'm going to be attending Cornell this fall, barring some massive miscalculation on the part of the financial aid office. I think I might be able to coerce my absentee parent into making an exception to their deadbeat ways and paying for a reasonably priced laptop computer, what with the college-getting-into and birthday-having that I'm up to this month. I'd like to know what sort of laptop you guys would recommend. The criteria I'm thinking to be relevant offhand are: Good warranty, minimum possible likelihood of breaking if dropped - I'm careful with my things, but I can't control it if a classmate does something stupid Wireless networking - I'm not sure how Cornell's wireless network is, but I would be surprised it if were bad or nonexistent. Non-archaic 3D technology would be a plus. I'm not intending to use it for gaming, but I'd appreciate being able to do graphics development on it Lightweight Small enough to fit inside a backpack Lower price is better. Anything over $1000 would probably be excessive, and might be a needlessly appealing target for theft. The lower the price, the easier of a sell this idea will be, and the less devastating it would be if someone ripped it off. Reasonable battery life. I assume rechargable batteries are pretty standard now? I'd entertain the thought of getting a Mac, but unless there's a compelling reason, I'd like to stick with Windows. Does it sound like I'll be able to find a portable computer that will work for me? I really appreciate whatever advice you guys have to offer, I've never owned a non-desktop computer before.
  9. Google Code

    Ha ha ha! Microsoft!
  10. I've been writing all my C++ classes lately as subclasses of another class (Object, which just has a virtual destructor and nothing else) under the theory that I might someday want to make a pointer-to-Object that could actually point to any of my classes. I'm having a really hard time coming up with a scenario where I'd actually do that, though. So: Is it good form to do what I've been doing, or is it just needless complexity?
  11. Anyone else anxiously awaiting April?

    Nobody ever names a kid "February."
  12. Anyone else anxiously awaiting April?

    Quote:Original post by alnite I can't wait for April because it's my birth month. Mine as well. In addition, my favorite band, Garbage, finally releases a new album, which is supposed to be a return to the style of their first album. That would be quite welcomed, since their first album was almost unquestionably their best. Mostly, I'm just pulling my hair out waiting to see if my dreams are going to be realized or crushed before my eyes.
  13. Am I the only one here waiting on college admissions decisions? Probably not, given that an appreciable fraction of the lounge's visitors are around age 18. Three months seems like so terribly long to wait on a decision that will be made on the basis of a few minutes' review. So, are you waiting for admissions decisions, or do you perhaps have anecdotes to share about a previous experience with the admissions process? Anyone here shooting for an undergraduate education at an Ivy League school?
  14. Shaving

    Quote:Original post by Flarelocke I used to have a link to a nice site about shaving with a straight razor (hardcore), but they've PDF-ized it for some reason. It had a nice graphic of the typical "grain" of the face. Oh well. Going against the grain gives you razor burn and ingrown hairs (bumps on your skin that look a little like pimples, but smaller and ooze pus) Gillette sent me a Mach 3 razor, a pack of blades, and a small canister of their shaving gel for my 18th birthday (until then I had been using disposables). Best marketing gimick ever. The fact that the Mach 3 swivles a bit made a huge difference in how frequently I cut myself shaving. They only sent me a Mach 3 razor. I guess they love you more.
  15. Fractal help please

    Here's what you're looking for. Incidentally, does anyone have an idea how the inside of the Julia set is colored on the last image on that page? I'm clueless, and haven't seen that sort of pattern elsewhere. Edit: Actually, as soon as I wrote that, I came up with a pretty good guess. After testing it, it seems plausible, but I can't be sure if it's what they're using or not. Looks a lot like they've colored the inside of the fractal based on the final magnitudes of points that satisfy the fractal, using a higher number of iterations than the basic pattern. [Edited by - Zorodius on January 29, 2005 1:28:29 AM]