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    Yeah I have the GL with a flashed DD-WRT and have been really impressed (2 years now) though it needs some updating. Seems to be better than most of the other custom firmware I've seen for the router.
  2. sanguineraven


    ...and you still tried to follow her home
  3. sanguineraven

    In before the milk

  4. sanguineraven


    lol Heather
  5. sanguineraven

    Something useful

    Next time you are in the place that doesn't exist, remind me to give you lots of Alcohol and monies.
  6. sanguineraven

    Gundams Ahoy! a non-update

    Nice! My Freedom and Deathscythe Custom pale in comparison
  7. sanguineraven

    Total Annihilation

  8. sanguineraven


    Did you perhaps leave a voicemail on my phone on Saturday night when you were drunk Steve?
  9. sanguineraven


    Stole my bike! Bike, bike bike...
  10. sanguineraven


    You better have nailed that chick Mushu or else... *shakes fist angrily*
  11. sanguineraven


  12. sanguineraven

    Hi Thor!

  13. sanguineraven

    Managed DirectX is awesome

  14. sanguineraven

    Random Thoughts

    I feel for you regarding NTL. I moved into my new flat September 3rd. Despite the problems I'd had with NTL in the past, me and my housemate ended up signing up for their broadband since we didn't have a BT line which most providers for the area needed. 8 weeks later and 5 installation appointments they failed to show up for later we got a scrap piece of paper posted through the door saying the installation team were sorry to announce they had to do some work on the road and couldn't install til 2006 sometime (even though they had already done their assessment and given us an OK when we first signed up for them).
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