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  1. sanguineraven

    Fall to your knees before Evil Steve

    I for one welcome our new shitting overlord.
  2. sanguineraven


    Yeah I have the GL with a flashed DD-WRT and have been really impressed (2 years now) though it needs some updating. Seems to be better than most of the other custom firmware I've seen for the router.
  3. sanguineraven


    ...and you still tried to follow her home
  4. sanguineraven

    Wrath of the Lich King

    Lv70 Holy Paladin. I don't even know why the game is so enjoyable... it just is, but it really takes its toll on your productivity so I wouldn't encourage anyone with poor time management skills to play it.
  5. sanguineraven

    I really need to start meeting new people...

    Come to Town Hall The Hall of Halls of course :D. I'll come visit soon.
  6. sanguineraven

    Poetic Justice!

  7. sanguineraven

    Poetic Justice!

  8. sanguineraven

    I had a fight

    Here in London you would probably have been knifed.
  9. sanguineraven

    Video game music, and music inspired by video games...

    I am going to third Machinae Supremacy and also ask if you have seen OCRemix?
  10. sanguineraven

    Just answer yes or no, DirectX 10 (can you support)

    Yes. Vista Business 64-bit and an 8800GTS. I dual-booted with XP because I was cautious of Vista but I haven't used XP since about the first week after the dual boot. I like Vista *ducks*
  11. sanguineraven

    Any professional contractors/freelancers here?

    I am fairly certain nts and yourself are correct as this was what I was under the impression of. As a sole trader things are fairly easy. You don't need to register yourself with Companies House, but you do pay standard tax and NI, although I'd imagine it's a bit of a saving as it is only done at the end of the year when you complete your self-assessment and so have maybe gained on interest over the year. In the long run though it is more beneficial to set up as a limited company and you can maximise your profits by careful control of financials such as paying yourself a low salary.
  12. In my opinion, Knocked Up, which I saw first was not really that enjoyable. It reminded me a lot of 40 Year Old Virgin with most of the humour cringe-worthy. On the other hand, I absolutely loved Superbad. I could not stop laughing through the whole movie, with only a very short down time of minutes between really hilarious scenes. Totally surprised me.
  13. sanguineraven

    Any professional contractors/freelancers here?

    I am in a similar situation to you I think. I was employed for a year but then switched to being a contractor. Now, IANAL but so far I have been doing some work as a 'Sole Trader'. I do some work and then I write an invoice to the company. I have to keep track of everything and at the end of the year complete a self-assessment form for my taxes, which as far I have read is greatly simplified compared to the next option... Starting a limited-liability company. I will probably be looking to do this sometime after the financial year has ended but unfortunately I cannot offer much advise since I plan on hiring an accountant to take care of the setup and then all the taxes and forms I will need to do. I think those are your two main options, operating as sole trader or as a limited company. I don't know which is available or more applicable in your circumstances but the sole-trader route is certainly a lot easier and less paperwork (I think the only thing you really need to do is contact Inland Revenue to say you are self-employed) so would make most sense if you can take it. Once again, I'm pretty new to it too so I am sure someone can correct me :P
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