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  1. Actually, I have written a method of doing just this that was going to be included in the last ShaderX book. I'm hoping to get it ready for the next iteration of the book. Two ways of doing it - one is writing to the oDepth buffer, the other involves messing with the zbuffer values in a special way...
  2. He gave it all he had capt'in!
  3. I know it's an old game, but does anybody here play Joint Operations:TR? A couple bros and I are looking for some people to play with. BF2 just isn't the game it was hyped up to be, so...
  4. Without getting into code, you are setting up a DirectShow filter that streams/converts the video data and inserts it onto a texture surface. That teture is then used to render with. There is an example in the DX8 and DX9 SDKs.
  5. Hey all - been a loooonnnng time. Got a new job with some big company running restaurants in Las Vegas - ate up all my time till now. Getting a bit rusty on the programming and decided I needed to catch up on things. Good to see not much has changed (still see search is down!) Looking forward to getting back into things.
  6. My brother uses VS.NET in his work environment. IBM has some workflow program that works w/.NET. The designers lay out a design, convert it to source, pass it to the programmers to clean up. People like my brother then get to use the form layout portions to create UIs on a per-customer basis using the same code base. The bottom line is that just about everybody in his company uses .NET, even non-programmers. Plus, AFAIK VC6 won't be supported in future MS-related APIs.
  7. In .NET, get to your project properties (right click on project's name in the solution explorer and select properties). Click the 'C/C++' folder. Click 'Language'. Change 'Default Char Unsigned' from 'No' to 'Yes (/J)'.
  8. *SPOILER* The one and only thing I didn't like about I, Robot was the whole underwater dream sequences. It didn't go anywhere, and I'm sure they missed out explaining why he had to have his ribs, shoulder, and arm replaced. They made a huge mistake by not explaining WHY he hated robots so much, with the dream sequences being the most likely reason. (Of course they didn't include enough sequences to explain it).
  9. Quote:Original post by Sneftel Thanks, Anonymous Author! Thank goodness I have IP search. [wink] Darn, my secret identity is blown! I guess I better fess up then. ;)
  10. Somebody recently asked about which player to buy - the Zen or iPod. I took the plunge and bought a Zen XTRA 40 gig and couldn't be happier. I know there were some problems with it going in (the headphone jack, no remote, etc), but the sound is awesome, and I can replace the batteries by myself. So far, I haven't had a single problem with it. I got it for $240 and got a Belkin FM transmitter - just plug it in, put on random play, and drive away. I'm planning on getting a boombox to wire to it, and if I can find the specs, building my own USB remote for it.
  11. Eh - you guys are lucky. My family has some genetic disorder that makes us always feel tired (we can't get enough oxygen into our blood). No matter how much sleep I get, I'm still tired. Since I was a little kid, I've been an insomniac, so I really only get like 4 hours of sleep every day or two, so I gave up trying to sleep even though I'm feeling tired.
  12. More than likely, you haven't defined unsigned chars by default. This is the most common problem with the code. If you are using MSVC 6, then add /j to your compiler options. In .NET, check it in the properties page.
  13. I haven't been around (also, haven't been getting any emails - it's broken). My first guess would be that you haven't set chars to unsigned by default. Add /j to your options in MSVC 6, or set directly in the .NET properties page.
  14. iPod minis have a serious design flaw - the headphone circuit board is connected to the main board via a crappy little connector that breaks over time (3 months in some cases). IMHO, the mini is not worth buying, but the original iPod looks great. I'm also torn between the iPod and the Zen XTra. I had a Jukebox 2 before and it was awesome - the Zen is just a newer version of it.
  15. The story I read says that the guy hacked into AltaVista and stole their search engine code, causing massive damage to their systems in the process (thus leading to them suing him for unheard of amounts of money).