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  1. Joviex

    Is Python Worth Learning?

    Quote:Original post by Talroth Quote:Original post by cignox1 I've always stayed away from Python due to the syntax (and specifically the use of indentation to identify scopes instead than parenthesis) which I did not like very much. Bus as everyone out there says that python is an amazing language to work with, I gave it a second try and I must admit that it is nice and easy indeed. Too bad I have no needs to use it right now, but I hope I will in the future, and having a scripting language at hand is always useful. I will admit that the indentation over { } annoyed me at first, but not any more. Now I tend to go for python first and it has become my primary language to develop in. I do have some projects that eventually had more lines of C in it, they were first written in python and only rewritten in C for parts that were running slowly. QFT. I currently scan resumes for python experience and consider it a major plus. Working inside of Maya, Houdini, Nuke and our custom RAD toolset, python is a must. It is highly usable, especially for the programmer who has been exposed to any C-ish syntax, highly portable, extremely easy to prototype something in a few minutes, extensible, embeddable, and just plain fun (I love list/generator comprehensions).
  2. Joviex

    Python bug???

    Quote:Original post by Hodgman Ah, I didn't understand what was going on here either. So if I debluntize Ollies reply, the subMenuList member doesn't actually belong to either of the Menu objects; it belongs to the Menu class and is therefore shared by both objects. Correct! class Menu: def __init__(self): self.subMenuList = [] def addSubMenu(self, newSubMenu): print len(newSubMenu.subMenuList) self.subMenuList.append(newSubMenu) print len(newSubMenu.subMenuList) mainMenu = Menu() subMenu = Menu() mainMenu.addSubMenu(subMenu)
  3. Joviex

    Runtime effect creation

    Quote:Original post by JasonBlochowiak I'm not suggesting that anyone who needs to use it shouldn't, but the functionality is clearly implemented with ease of use held above absolute performance. I disagree. When it was dx7, yes. Halfway thru dx8, perhaps. Since dx8 and now dx9 it is vastly improved in terms of speed and use. As for the shaders, obviously that part is not fully optimized. As for textures and general math, it is as close to the perverbial metal as you can get I think. Do a google, there are preformance numbers out there.
  4. Joviex

    Customizable magic

    Dungeon Master and DM2 also did a glyph system. Some spells were in the manual, a lot you could discover by accident, and others through reading the quests/finding clues. 6 icons and six slots, all had a different effect, and since they could be in certain orders, you had a crazy amount of combinations. I think a system such as what you have described is a huge step in the perverbial direction of innovating/reinvigorating a stagnant system of pre-canned spells/cantrips.
  5. Joviex

    Announcement: Site Status

    Quote:Original post by Pet tell you what... I'm concerned about the site right now not because I can benefit somthing from it, well... that too, but I remember back in a day I was probably one of the first persons to 'everyday-check' the site: read/write posts, learn from tutorials, write them and be concerned about Nehe's personal life, although I never met him either personally or over the phone/email. I just felt grateful someone put a pice of his life and heart in this work - alone. Now it's a pity its like 3 monts since last news post. Maybe I could help anyhow? I agree. If it was still the old school site, one/two people working on it, I wouldn't have said anything. But since recently a big deal has been made that a team is working on this, and the last update was 3+ months ago.... If you guys need help? I am not dying or refreshing it every 2 seconds, but I was curious to see the new design and code layouts FWIW.
  6. Joviex

    Announcement: Site Status

    So..... You said a couple of days way back a month ago. I don't see any updates? Or is there a new link to the beta area?
  7. Joviex

    Preventing kamikaze griefing

    I am assuming you have played the battleship MMO navyfield? It covers a lot of what you are looking for.
  8. Quote:Original post by Humble Hobo 1. Concept Issues ....Sometimes, if you stray too far into space, you no longer have a driving purpose, and it scares me. A game that has no goals, and just tells you to do whatever, tends to have no definite rewarding events, and strays from a plot Welcome to Life. Nice to meet you.
  9. Quote:Original post by Promit A well designed multiplayer game should be impossible to hack even with access to the source code. Sadly many games are not well designed, and so you see hundreds of hacks for them (see: Counter-Strike). Again, you can only delay the inevitable here if you rely on client side security. I disagree. There is no such thing as impossible to crack unless we are talking quantum computer gerenated passcodes, which in turn, can be hacked by, well, quantum computers. The point is, nothing is impossible to hack, especially in the realm of user PC level software. Poorly designed? Some, maybe, but I think there are a lot more people looking to "break" it and a lot more potential thinking outside the box then the number of people who designed the system not to be hacked. E.G. Look at windows. For all the code/securty/etc crap Redmond tries to implement, their teams of hundreds of coders can not compete with the ten of thousands of hackers who want to break it. Its just raw numbers.
  10. not to mention, checksum checking a single zip/pak file is a hell of a lot easier to verify proper installs rather than 10k content files.
  11. Quote:Original post by Rob Loach I just thought I'd plug <.... and will be bundled with the next... Rob, while I do appreciate all the Tao work you have done over the years, that was a pretty pants thing to post in this thread. As to the actual OP. This looks excellent at first glance. Raw maybe, but very promising and nice design so far. This is something I will be looking to implement within our upcomming project.
  12. Point in Poly Test by Paul Bourke and Truevision3D Wiki on Points in Polys for a simplified code sample of that. Best and most elegant solution I have found for that issue.
  13. Joviex

    Fall of Nations? Anyone play it?

    Yar, got whooped in no time flat with the increased rate.
  14. Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster Smaller EXE, faster execution, shorter dev time. Cleaner code. Sounds exactly like the time I switched to Charmin toilet tissue instead of continuing to use White Cloud.
  15. Joviex

    Fall of Nations? Anyone play it?

    Neat game. Lots more options than FoN. Although, that would be a good thing for players looking for a quick and simple. Do you happen to have a link for the Prominence code? I am thinking a properly designed web game would bring in enough traffic to support the site itself. Which is good enough for me. Maybe even a little extra to give away prizes like on Fall of Nations.
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