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    Division by zero and AMD

    A SOLUTION IS FOUND. In VB6, go to project properties, click on compile tab. Press the Advanced Optimizations button. Click on Remove floating point exceptions check. I had already done this in my project but for some reason, my partner's VB6 did not have that checked.
  2. You should get information with glGetString and also, make sure you have the drivers from nvidia installed and not MESA3D or some other software junk.
  3. V-man

    Division by zero and AMD

    wintertime : the driver that comes on the CD for the video card works fine. Rewriting the entire code would be too drastic and it also doesn't mean that it would solve the problem.   Ohforf sake : yes, I remember reading about that, back in 2000 or 2001. But in my case, is the AMD driver enabling exception? I don't know how to check if it is integer or floating point exception in VB6.
  4. We have a project written in VB6. It uses GL 1.1. It runs fine on multiple Windows versions and different cards. But with the Catalyst 13.1 driver and also previous one, "division by zero" message is getting thrown.   It happens on HD 5450, Win 7 32 bit and also on another HD series card. It happens on simple functions like glScalef and glScissor. The values being submitted to those functions are fine so I don't understand what the problem is. There is some behind the scene thing happening in the AMD drivers.
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