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  1. sherman

    What do you guys think of Tabula Rasa?

    Just out of curiosity, how do you know the game won't be fun to play? New genres are always worth trying and here are a few important points about Tabula Rasa that I have gathered from the Internet: 1) First person shooter fans who crave a richer gaming experience will appreciate a massively multiplayer game that is reactive to player choices and allows for a broad range of character movement. 2) The second way that Tabula Rasa hopes to improve on the current MMO experience is to shift the focus from relatively static monster farming to large-scale battles with real objectives and intelligent NPCs.PVP in Tabula Rasa exists outside of the framework of the story as consensual duels between players, parties and clans. (So apparently there is still PvP) 3) While the battlefields are large public spaces, the instances, much like in other MMOs, are private areas when players can adventure without worrying that competing players are going to ruin the experience for them. This is the third area in which the game hopes to stand apart from the crowd. 4) Though games like EverQuest 2 have used branching class systems, Tabula Rasa goes one step further by allowing players to clone themselves at each tier in the advancement system. This essentially allows players to save and load previous iterations of their characters before making decisions about which paths to take.
  2. NCSoft is releasing Tabula Rasa in Q4 of 2007. The game is designed by Richard Garriot (of Ultima fame). Combining shooter style action with the vast, persistent game world and ongoing storyline of an MMORPG, Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa takes you on an intergalactic adventure where any soldier has the ability to significantly impact the course of battle. I am interested to know what everyone here thinks of it. How would distribution of Tabula Rasa most likely be handled in US and Korea? Will a third party publisher carry the title? Will the business model be like Guild Wars where the game is sold with one off-the-shelf price without any subscrition fees? Is that a good business model in the first place? Thanks! ^_^
  3. sherman

    Alpha Kimori Tech Demo

    Thanks, Marmin. ^_^
  4. sherman

    Alpha Kimori Tech Demo

    Thanks link3333 and Pipo DeClown! ^_^ link3333, the opening sequence took our artist the longest to make (it is truly like making a movie although having it lowpoly does make it easier just by a bit). As for not being able to walk on the grass, we made that a design issue because if were to walk on the grass, we would need to have more modeled areas and it would be strange to have fences to cut off the level everytime. Hmm...animation speed and camera distance - I guess we can change them for the final release - just a matter of setting it in our character and level editors. Which brings me to Pipo's questions: 1) Yes, we have our own set of (character, spell and script)tools and (model and texutre) exporters. 2) 3 fulltime staff. 3) One artist and two programmers. Anyway, thanks for the support, guys! If you can, please post the feedback directly in my forums (http://forum.Sherman3D.com) so that I can keep them on record. (My host server seems to be down at the moment though >_<). Thanks again! ^_^
  5. sherman

    Alpha Kimori Tech Demo

    Thanks, Kyle! We will definitely work to improve it. ^_^
  6. sherman

    Alpha Kimori Tech Demo

    Sherman3D is proud to announce the release of the first Alpha Kimori tech demo. We know that we still have a long way to go but this tech demo showcases all the basics of our 3D RPG engine - 3D character/object loading, movie clip/custscene playability, sound, music, collision detection, level up system, trading system, basic artificial intelligence, in-game scripted dialog, character animation, character/object interaction, item inventory, equiping of inventory items, basic battle system, particle system, menu system, level loading/transitioning, etc. Please download Alpha Kimori Tech Demo 1 here: http://www.sherman3d.net/Sherman3D/download.php?view.21
  7. Sherman3D's first console-battle RPG-type mobile game is now being sold at the Nokia Software Market: http://www.softwaremarket.nokia.com/DRHM/servlet/ControllerServlet?Action=DisplayProductDetailsPage&SiteID=nokia&Locale=en_US&deviceID=3100&Env=BASE&productID=34425500 Support us by purchasing Kris Master from the Nokia Software Market! Thank you.
  8. sherman


    Thanks to E107, we have a new site layout and forum for our anime game development website. We even have a new way to accept public reviews, articles and news. And we have some Flash games too! What's more is that we have integrated our previous e-shop and chat with the E107 system (that took the bulk of the time needed to get the entire system running). Please do come and visit us at: www.Sherman3D.com Thanks a bunch! ^_^
  9. sherman


    Here is a link to the book at Amazon that I have up at my site: Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX by Jim Adams I am wondering though, what exactly is added to the second addition because I have the first and I am considering buying the second. Thanks.
  10. The site should now also be accessible at http://www.AlphaKimori.com
  11. Thanks a lot for the comment, Adraeus. For those who haven't been to the site, here is the link again: http://AlphaKimori.Sherman3D.com
  12. Dear all, Our Alpha Kimori website is finally up at: http://AlphaKimori.Sherman3D.com Thank you for the help in our second logo decision.
  13. sherman

    Your project in a community!?

    We also have a community like this going at http:\\forum.Sherman3D.com but like Karl says, the community tends to flood and ebb at various times so it might take sometime. ^_^ Good luck, Clueless!
  14. Here you go: http://www.thumbbandits.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=634&PN=1 I don't have the exact links to the other forums and my Net connection is horrible now so I will just give you generic links - you will have to find the exact thread in the forums: www.cyber-freakz.com/wencke/ www.animeMalaysia.com www.pcgamer.com.my Thanks. ^_^
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