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  1. Puppygames' latest release, DROID ASSAULT, is out and ready to play for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. It's a little bit like the old C64 classic Paradroid, except the boring transfer game is gone and you keep all the robots you capture, forming a little squad of friendlies that wander off and blast the enemies for you. You can upgrade your droids with various powerups, and there's tons more different sorts of droids and weapons than in the 8-bit classic. Let me know what you think! And pray cross our palms with silver, for it is merely $9.95 and we're totally broke. Cas :)
  2. BTW, none of this talk of antialiasing will actually help with any sprite rendering whatsoever. To do antialiased sprites - you need to have them drawn with antialiased edges in the first place by the artist (and then subsequently saved as TGAs or PNGs with 32bit RGBA). Cas :)
  3. SHPOpen is referenced from your own library; the OS library loader attempts to dynamically load and link it at load time. Cas :)
  4. princec

    [java] Java for game dev?

    This kind of flaming bullshit still goes on? In a Java special interest forum? WTF? Get a life, all of you. All languages are rubbish at one thing or another. Cas :)
  5. Titan Attacks and Ultratron are now available to all BMT affiliates at the industry standard commission of 30%. For Titan Attacks download links: https://secure.bmtmicro.com/servlets/RIP.DemoDownload?PRODUCTID=18990004&AID=<your affiliate id here> For Titan Attacks Buy Now links: https://secure.bmtmicro.com/servlets/Orders.ShoppingCart?CID=1899&PRODUCTID=18990004&AID=<your affiliate id here> For Titan Attacks screenshots and blurb: http://www.puppygames.net/titan-attacks For Ultratron download links: https://secure.bmtmicro.com/servlets/RIP.DemoDownload?PRODUCTID=18990000&AID=<your affiliate id here> For Ultratron Buy Now links: https://secure.bmtmicro.com/servlets/Orders.ShoppingCart?CID=1899&PRODUCTID=18990000&AID=<your affiliate id here> For Ultratron screenshots and blurb: http://www.puppygames.net/ultratron Please feel free to contact us via our enquiry form if you need further details. Cas :)
  6. There are a few but you have to start doing pretty advanced stuff before it gets to be problematical. Cas :)
  7. Haha, for once, I'd go with Swing :D Much easier to get it all running and working nicely. Cas :)
  8. I embed the entire JRE inside my application and have a little custom .exe launcher for it. Advantages: flawless. Disadvantages: size. On the Mac of course just a .app does the trick with a little stub launcher thingy which they explain on the Apple dev site but if you want to just grab one of my games you can tweak the contents of the plist file and the jars and it'll all work out nicely. Cas :)
  9. princec

    [java] Java2D or JOGL

    Turns out you can't expect people to upgrade their JREs to play. I won't even do it myself, I'm that lazy :) But also - you can't change the JRE on a Mac. So if you target 1.5 on Windows you're OK because you can bundle the JRE in the installer but on a Mac you're at the mercy of statistics. There is some percentage that will upgrade just to play your game but the fact is, it's just a small percentage, meaning a rather larger percentage of lost opportunity. Especially given the extremely bouyant Mac market. O'course the OP might actually not care about Mac development at all which would be a shame but there you go. Cas :)
  10. princec

    [java] Java2D or JOGL

    Sadly completely untrue :( For a start it only runs on 10.4+, and most of the OS X visitors I get are using 10.3 or even 10.2 still. In fact I've got some actual real stats here... let's see... here's the stats for the last 3 months: 1.4 18049 84% 1.5 3384 16% 1.6 1 0% (haha) So there you have it. Will be a few years yet before it's sensible to target 1.5 for games dev. Cas :)
  11. princec

    [java] Java2D or JOGL

    "Available" != "widely distributed" Cas :)
  12. princec

    [java] Java2D or JOGL

    ...MacOS... 1.4.2 mostly.... no h/w acceleration... ahem :) Cas :)
  13. princec

    [java] Java2D or JOGL

    LWJGL, of course ;) Cas :)
  14. If you're using Java 5.0 compiler settings you can statically import GL.* methods which makes them look almost identical to C ones. Cas :)
  15. I think I just got out the wrong side of bed the other day. Yes, the OP sounds like a student. Probably GCSE or A-Level standard, and not particularly bright at that judging by the amount of passive research that must have gone into the problem before pestering people in here. Cas :)
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