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  1. Looks like my post was a bit unclear so i have modified it. I will be the one that will do the interviews and asking questions to hire people :). So I'm trying to collect a good list of questions to ask people to find out the experience level of them. I will also do it for roles where i have no real experience. As an example if i have to hire a physics programmer it would help to get some advice from physics programmers here on what questions to ask for such a role
  2. Hello I will conduct interviews for different programming roles and i need some help to prepare. I'm creating a list of good questions to ask the candidates to be able to judge the skill level they have. Good questions do not need to have a 'correct' answer, they should be as good starting point for further discussion and questions. The questions will be sorted in sections and i pick the section depending on the role. Some of the sections is things that I'm not that good at myself, for example physics. If anyone of you have experience in the areas listed below and know good questions that you would use to probe the experience of someone please post them here to help me get better at hiring people :). AI , Audio, C++, Console, Engine, Gameplay, Graphics, Mathematics, Multiplayer, Optimization, Physics, Tools.
  3. DUDVim

    OpenGL Depth Issue

    Looks like the depth test is off. Make sure it's on and that it is also set the write the depth values when rendering.
  4. I suggest you start with https://fgiesen.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/a-trip-through-the-graphics-pipeline-2011-index . Then you can follow up with looking over the links on my site for the GPU's at http://www.gamedevpensieve.com/hardware/gpu .
  5. DUDVim

    A Book on DOS

    When i try to make any script or commands i often use http://ss64.com/nt . No point in learning them all as there are to many commands and to many options. Make a few scripts with them it and you should get a good overview how it works.
  6. DUDVim

    Handmade Hero after two years

    Looked at some of the episodes now and reading some about what he has written. I do not feel like it is worth spending time on the series for me. Like samoth say i have not the time to sit and wait for someone writing code and trying out things. And like Icebone1000 i prefer short and to the point articles on specific subject instead of watching someone slowly getting somewhere.
  7. DUDVim

    Handmade Hero after two years

    Never looked at it. Might try out some episodes to see what it is about.   Gahhh 350+ episodes.
  8. When someone ask me what the best language is i say that i hate them all and i hate to one I'm using at the moment a little more.
  9. C++ fun is the same type of fun found in Dwarf Fortress :wink:.   For Engine coding i would recommend you go with C++. The jump from C# to C++ should not be to hard. Never used to other languages. Select what your focus is, it is learning a new fun language pick one of them. Is it engine coding go with C++.
  10. DUDVim

    Which Gamepads To Support?

    XBox 360, XBox One, Ps4 Gamepad and Steam Controller are the ones people have cared about on PC when i have been working with gamepads controls.  
  11. DUDVim

    Terrain tech used in AAA?

    Some links and text on the subject here http://www.gamedevpensieve.com/graphics/3d/landscape .
  12. DUDVim

    Learning a Graphics API

    Have a look at my website on the graphic API section. http://www.gamedevpensieve.com/graphics/graphic-api   The OpenGl section contains some link to tutorials.
  13. DUDVim

    What to do besides fencing?

    Well i was mostly after what you do when you do have some time over. But the focus here on minimizing your waiting time makes your employer proud :wub: . For me right now the build time does not matter yet. I'm setting up a project for a team to work on. The steps includes everything from checking out, compiling, building all assets and make the tools work for each discipline. Also the documentation for it all :blink: . Each time i made a change i need to try it from the beginning as a new content developer on the team would do. Then i find a new flaw somewhere that needs to be fixed and start it all over again. So it's more of a first time setup time. To bad i have to suffer it on repeat for a while when testing it :cool:.
  14. What do you do when the project takes a long time to build? :). 15 min build time here so it has been much cppcon on youtube :).    
  15. Add a README.md to your repository so it generates some nice html info on the first page one see :).
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