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  1. If they are on the street then they are on the street for a reason. There is always a cause. You're trying to treat the symptoms instead of the causes. If someone is on the street because they have a mental illness (extremely likely) then putting them in a house and giving them a job isn't going to suddenly make them wonderful, upstanding, productive members of society. They are still ill and won't be able to take care of their house or hold the job. What they need is professional medical attention, not their own city. If someone is on the street due to a distinct lack of respect for society, laziness, or criminal inclinations, then they will trash the house and screw the job. I don't know what it takes to get someone out of that state of mind, but there's plenty of evidence that throwing things at them doesn't help. If someone is on the street because of bad luck, there are lots of support services out there for them which will work much better than trying to start up a new city. Whatever the reason, most of the homeless will only cause additional problems for the other homeless. Not only that, but the entire town will be a massive target for other crime sources. What you're suggesting is only a tiny step away from forming a gang. You can bet your ass that gangs would set up shop and begin recruiting like crazy as soon as the word got out that a lot of homeless people were 'working'.
  2. LockePick

    Recommend me an MP3 Player?

    Also got a Sansa Clip+ recently. It's simple, decent and very affordable; I'm happy with it.
  3. LockePick

    Any tips for a novice?

    When you "try to incorporate some of the modeling techniques [you've] learned from the tutorials into [your] own ideas" are you working off of a reference? A sketch or a photo? You should. Modelling things off the top of your head is difficult. No one is an expert in how everything is made and why things look the way they do. Good artists constantly use references, especially when learning. Even if it's not exactly what you're making, you can often find useful references anyways (i.e. you're making a character with a mechanical arm, so you look up pictures of car engines) As for workflow, search around on CG art forums for configurations and plugins that other artists recommend. Force yourself to use lots of hotkeys. Learn multiple modelling styles and figure out which one you're best at.
  4. LockePick

    What's up with NVIDIA lately?

    Another long-time NVIDIA user planning to switch, here. Been thoroughly unimpressed with the last two cards I've had. They're stupidly loud, stupidly hot, the fans don't even speed up until ludicrous heat levels (read: they NEVER speed up without a third-party tool so they just overheat and crash) while NVIDIA prances around and says "everything is fine", and the prices are always way higher than competing ATI cards. Unless there's some massive change in the situation I'm switching for sure next upgrade.
  5. LockePick

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's multiplayer

    Quote:Original post by kryotech ...but does anyone feel that the inability to actually defend yourself against assassins who are after you feels a bit limiting? But you're also an assassin after someone else, so who is being limited? Everyone is in exactly the same position at all times. If you could fight your hunter openly the game would just devolve into a bunch of people having fights in the streets, and all strategy would disappear. Also, Assassin's Creed combat was never designed for one-on-one combat. It would suck. Every time they try it, it sucks. Add latency and it would suck a thousand times worse.
  6. LockePick

    Games Similar to Zelda

    Darksiders Batman: Arkham Asylum Okami
  7. Quote:No wonder kids are becoming increasingly self obsessed little shits, and have no respect of their parents - pretty much a bunch of Eric Cartmans. ...at 5 we used to carry pocket knives in one pocket and a slingshot in the other. Played in the cemetery all summer, raided some poor bastard's cherry/plum/whatever tree in the neighbourhood near autumn. Took risky shortcuts through local gypsy settlements, taunting them, and then getting chased on the way back home. Read what you just wrote, and then go read this.
  8. I would guess that if a WWIII is ever going to happen, it will happen when the eastern continents run out of oil. Canada will still (hopefully) have plenty, the US will run protection, and the rest of the world will go completely insane as the global economy collapses. Alternatively it'll be fought with man-made viruses and we'll just wipe out our entire species in a month.
  9. LockePick

    Carmack on government

    Quote:MY individual belief is that the choice between government and corporations is in fact a choice between these two: * An organization that is largely well meaning but hopelessly inefficient and incompetent. * An organization that is ruthlessly efficient and competentjust as insanely inefficient and incompetent as the government with the added horror of no liability or long-term planning, AND actively hostile to the general populace. Fixed.
  10. LockePick

    Carmack on government

    The government is inefficient, so...? He didn't say anything!
  11. LockePick

    Booze to get mind off the code

    Quote:Original post by Ftn Do you do it? Coding can be very stressful. I've had sleeping problems for years, usually cant get my mind off the problems, or trying to invent the silver bullet to save the project and not screw the deadline. No sleep destroys the mind and booze helps to put me at sleep, but leaving with a bit hangover.. I'm not interested about the dead brain cells becouse alcohol. How do you put your mind to sleep? There's another substance which is a lot better for this use. It's less addictive, has no hangover, is more relaxing, doesn't make you fat, and is a fantastic treatment for sleep problems. So, of course, it's illegal.
  12. LockePick

    Windows Vulnerabilities

    Quote:Little to no effort is given to Teach users, especially under windows. You seem to have missed the emphasis. Consumers. Not 'users'. Users use things. Consumers consume them. It doesn't matter if learning would enable them to consume faster; learning is not consuming so it will be skipped, ignored, or cheated. People turn their brains off and stare at the text and then just click something. What did they click? Why did they click it? They have no idea. They just wanted to get to the consuming part so they started clicking stuff. 'User' is an outdated term for weirdos like us who still value archaic relics like 'learning'. Quote:Which is a better error message for the average user? "Illegal operation XYZ" Or "Program error: This program is missing a file it needs to run. Running the standard Setup Repair Tool may be able to fix this problem. Would you like to run Setup Repair Tool now?" Neither. A consumer doesn't want to know that something went wrong in the first place. The correct option would be to crash without giving any indication, so the consumer doesn't know what to be angry at. Example: Microsoft getting rid of blue screens. When consumers saw a blue screen they'd scream "DAMN YOU BILL GATES!!!" but if their Mac suddenly turned off they'd shrug and say "well hey that was weird" and keep using it.
  13. LockePick

    GoDaddy domain search scam!

    GoDaddy is the last site you should be using to search for domains. There's a zillion stories of them buying up domains immediately after someone does a search. There's a site I want that was registered through them by domain squatters. The squatters account was 'suspended' for 'spam and abuse' with no possibility of renewal. I contacted them to see if I could buy it, and they told me I couldn't because the owner could still renew (even though they were banned from renewing). I can all but guarantee that a day before it expires some 'private service' will somehow manage to acquire it. Basically: they're sleazeballs. Any site is safer to use than GoDaddy. A quick search brings up a lightweight Microsoft whois program here.
  14. LockePick

    Top Video Games of All Time - One that will last

    Quote:Original post by slayemin I don't get what the purpose behind this is. If you wanted a list of top games, the best way to measure that would be by units sold, right? With a survey like this, it's going to be rife with self-selection bias. It's an aggregate of opinions. This is the future of the internet, whether it's meaningful or biased or not. Too many people, too many opinions, and it's growing exponentially all the time. All you can do is aggregate and filter. We've had fifty billion 'top games' threads on GDNet. A few people post and they disappear. A more permanent centralized location for that discussion seems like an improvement. I'm kind of surprised it hasn't been done already. A lot of major gaming sites let you list your favourite games, but they don't seem to do anything with the data. Sure, sales is another measure to use but it's not very interesting. Surprise! Big name franchises sell the most and everything else is insignificant. What would be interesting would be to compare sales figures for new IP's only (including the first game in franchises).
  15. LockePick

    French Burqa Ban

    Quote:Original post by Talroth Fight to go after the real issues: Oppression and Illiteracy. That is, fight against women (and men) being refused a proper and robust education, and people being forced into things like wearing burqas. Don't just ban something that is barely even a mere symptom of the real problems. And how, exactly, do you tell the difference between a woman choosing to wear a burqa and a woman pretending to choose to wear a burqa because she's scared of being beaten to death because Islamic culture dictates that you are not allowed to speak out against your husband? Here's one way to do it: You fight the institution of oppression. You fight the symbols of oppression. You fight the culture of oppression. You fight the burqa because ultimately it's the only lead you have on where that oppression is actually happening. At the same time it also reinforces the idea that it's okay to tell the police about these things because your husband will go to jail instead of being free to beat you five minutes later. And if the French people don't like this approach they can use their wonderful democratic power to elect someone to reverse the decision.
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