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  1. remi

    Strengths of 2D games

    I sincerely believe that 2D games will always be around even though 3D games or applications have their place and play an undeniebale role in the industry! I still love many old 2D games even if they're "dying"!
  2. remi

    2D shadow

    Hi all, and thank you very much for your useful replies! What i was interested in is something like this. Look at that drop shadow effect, it would be really nice to implement something like that without using any external library.
  3. remi

    2D shadow

    Quote:Original post by darookie remi: Big thanks for pointing us to that article! It's really good. ++rating. No big deal man. Guess it was a network problem, in fact, i can open the page now. But it seems to be using OpenGL(i don't want to).
  4. remi

    2D shadow

    I forgot to say that i saw this page on Dynamic 2D Soft Shadows, it has another link to this forum, unfortunately, the link seems to be broken :(
  5. Hi all, before posting here i looked around over google for a whole afternoon+night, so i finally decided to post. BTW: I even went to the library and 2 bookshops to check on books related to 2D shadow( real-time software rendering ) but i got nothing. Most of the time the shadowing effects are implemented using 3D graphic API(DirectX/OpenGL...), but now i'm doing a simple 2D program using GDI and i would like to add some cool and simple shadowing effects(as realistic as possible). I just need to be pointed out with theoritical papers or peace of codes on the subject. Please does anyone have a clue? It's really urgent, please!
  6. Hi all, it's been a long time since i posted on this forum! This post is not for looking for programmers or graphists, but to ask what kind of softwares a small/middle team or a team leader needs to well manage the codes and the team efforts. After reading some old posts like these 2 : post1: Team Programming, post2: TEAMWORK ??? Whooooooe...., i came out with 2 names: CVS and Wiki(i'am going to check them). In your own teamwork experience, did you use any other softwares? Thank you very much for your reply and merry xmas!
  7. remi

    simple file input question

    Quote:Original post by UntalkativeMonkey Off topic: Gav, I love your signature. Me too [Edited by - remi on November 12, 2004 5:16:14 AM]
  8. remi

    Book's translation importance

    In fact, piracy is a huge problem in China, it's one the biggest obstacles for software/CD/DVD business in China not only for foreigners but also for Chineses, because Chinese softwares are pirated too!!! Nevertheless, softwares are far differents from BOOKS! The process of pirating a book is much more longer and difficult than for a cd or dvd! It shouldn't cause any problem if a foreign publishing house sells the right of translating and publishing to a Chinese publishing house. The later would then be in charge of selling the books in China and fight against piracy, they will in this case be forced to fight against piracy because they already payed for copyrights and publishing rights. Consequently, "Prentice Hall" or "Addison wesley" or whatever publisher wouldn't worry about playing the policemen in China! From what i've seen, books sold in the way described above are generally NOT PIRATED also because they are cheaper and trying to make photocopies would just be a waste of time and energy. Who would like to buy a 700pages of photocopies?
  9. remi

    Problems with XP

    Did you try to compile it on WinXP?
  10. remi

    windows 2006

    I wouldn't take that risk!
  11. Hi all, this topic might not seem directly related to game programming, but it's not less important cause "We need more and more game programming books being translated in different languages". I was so surprised and shocked when i got in China in 1999, it was soooo difficult to find a book related to game programming(directx,opengl,....). Therefore i got really tempted by buying books from places like amazon.com but how could i do that? It was and still is a problem to get a visa/master card in china or transfer money by bank. Nowadays, many game programming related books are getting translated into chinese, a few years ago i found "Windows game programming for Gurus", last year "Game programming Gems" II and III among others got translated, this year( during october ), the "Game programming Gems I" got translated too and what is intersting is that some chinese programmers have started writting game programming books too! But this is absolutely insufficient, and i think that this is why many people are getting used to ILLEGALY download books from the net! Therefore, publishers,writters should think about this! It's for their own benefit, for the benefit of readers/programmers around the world and for the benefit of a faster game programming/design evolution. Thanks for hearing me out!
  12. remi

    internal speaker

    Beep on MSDN
  13. remi

    Why C++ executables are so big?

    This guy has a lot of directx demos less than 5kb! How do you think they were made? They're amazing!
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