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  1. Looking for some advice. I have a toy graphics framework I use for experimenting and the vast majority of the time I spend is on tweaking/debugging shaders. And a big part of that involves tweaking constants and other options to get the look or effect right or to just debug problems. Right now my process looks like this: 1. Add variable(s) to "material debug" cbuffer in hlsl. 2. Add variable(s) to mirrored C++ struct that I use to update the constant buffer (while being careful not to break alignment/padding requirements) 3. Add entries into debug gui 4. Fix inevitable copy/paste errors Has anyone found a satisfactory combination of build pipeline, code generation, reflection or otherwise that could automate some or all this? I suppose another option is to quit the reliance on on screen gui and instead implement some form of shader reloading so I can edit constants directly in hlsl.
  2. wild_pointer

    Horizon:zero Dawn Cloud System

    My results look a bit like yours, taylorswift: If I drop the absorption rate to get rid of the dark areas then the clouds get blown out. But I'm not modeling scattering yet, so I think this makes sense. The only light is that which comes directly from the sun but isn't absorbed on the way. I'll see what happens when I add ambient lighting and the henyey greenstein term but right now I'm trying to make sure what I already have is correct-ish. But it looks like you already have both. What happens if you remove them? I'm not very happy with my cloud shapes either. I don't get very clean edges even at really high sample counts. It ends up looking pretty fuzzy. Your first image looks really good in that respect. Maybe I need some kind of exponential ramp on the density. I also don't like how the clouds appear near the horizon but in that case I might just need some fog. Really looking forward to Andrew's talk in a couple weeks.
  3. I was looking at this post: http://blog.tobias-franke.eu/2014/03/30/notes_on_importance_sampling.html which shows how to derive the sampling function for both Phong and GGX distributions given the PDF, but I'm not sure how the author got the PDF to start with?
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