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    a plan to castrate USA power in the world

    Europe has a lot of Soft Power USA has a lot of Hard Power - but which is more brittle and which is more enduring? * EUROPE USA vs EUtopia - A pro-europe anti-american rant and raving. Europe is needed now more than ever to counter balance the emerging and intensifying american hegemony. This world is faced with an armlocking tyranny, environmental dissaster, economic short sightedness and lot of other things. The good causes of the world needs a champion and the only champion to fight the good fight is the place and peoples of EUtopia. The USA continues to frustrate all europes major global goals: Environment. Human Rights (the voted with sudan against rules to ban FGM) Weopons of Mass Destruction - USA scuppered chemical+bioweopons treaty. AIDS - US funds directed to abstinance only! These consideratation are vital - the Environment issue alone could cause 400 million people at least to suffer famine in the next 20 years (cold snap scenario) - the issues are so vital that it is well worth sacrificing sovereignty and united against a common enemy. What I would like to see as the first steps to ending american hegemony is a common EUtopian foreign policy - and this common policy should be backed up with an EU alternative to NATO to replace NATO. Complete expulsion of US forces from EUtopian soil. And an assertive foreign policy directed against nations in north africa and the middleast which accept american troops on their soil: such a policy would tend to restrict americas Hard Power in important areas of the world whilst bringing more to the fore, the political and economic power of the european union. A more powerful europe is a more powerful champion for the good causes like environment, human rights, WMD, democracy etc. The soft power when exerted properly would quite likely force a change in the way oil is sold - in Euros rather than $ - such a change if done at the right time and quick enough would hurt the US economy. A damaged US economy is then a less poluting economy - if they wont agree to kyoto and beyond - we simply must force them into compliance. We can and we must because the risk of ecological chaos is too great to ignore. Ecological chaos is especially dangerous to the EU because should the gulf stream end - then we will either die to hunger - be poor and unsustastainable as we attempt to purchase food on a bleak global food market - or actually fight wars over arable land. This is actually a scenario picked out by the Pentagon as something much more significant than the International Terrorism threat. To me, Europe is a diverse land of commonsense and cooperation. The USA is a force of chaos drifting to christian fundamentalism - it is ironic that a country like Iran drifts towards freedom and democracy away from religious fundamentalism at the same time as the USA slides into its own black hole. A consideration: What unites the AXIS of evil - Iraq, Iran, N Korea? They all work (or worked in the case of iraq) at undermining the strong $. Iraq switched its oil for food program into dealing in euros rather thant dollars. N Korea is the origin of a great deal of fake Super Dollars and has banned the dollar as a legal hard currency. Iran has been considering backing up its bank reserves in euros and perhaps selling oil in euros instead of dollars. was the war in iraq primarily a war over what currency is used in selling of oil? Addititional. Opec http://www.opec.org/NewsInfo/Speeches/sp2002/spAraqueSpainApr14.htm - britain and norway have a great hand in changing the world. Britan and norway in this way quite possibly decide the fate of europe. http://www.opec.org/NewsInfo/Speeches/sp2002/spAraqueSpainApr14.htm [Edited by - kindfluffysteve on December 3, 2004 11:14:23 AM]
  2. kindfluffysteve

    LIBERTARIANISM and Somalia

    Quote:Original post by Ainokea Quote:Original post by kindfluffysteve btw. I think its hillarious that when I post political things I get bad ratings. thanks guys. :) You deserve your rating. It isnt because you post political threads its because of in threads such as these you post things such as Quote: Promit. you guys are funny. do you take it up the bum for bill or what like? serious listen to yourselves. take it up the bum? well yes, that post I made was at least 3 months ago and the thread had decended into a flame actually started by a moderator behaving improperly. but never mind that, it was a long time ago?
  3. kindfluffysteve

    LIBERTARIANISM and Somalia

    Quote: By stating that you don't need to understand libertarianism in order to attack it you are only deluding yourself. Without knowledge of the subject you're discussing you can offer no facts or valid opinions. You're merely yet another in a long line of internet trolls that has decided he is going to hate something for no reason whatsoever and has decided to brew up trouble on a forum that was created for another purpose entirely. an example libertarian policy: absolute right to property DO WE REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT THOUGHT PROCESSES (or not) GO INTO MAKING UP THAT POLICY? of course not. we have something concrete. a policy, policy can be discussed. Thought processes, ideology behind it, is just fluff. a policy lets you make projections on the future. if that future is something you dont like, then you oppose, as I do, libertarians. Libertarian policy is about serfdom and slavery and I have no tollerance for it. In response I put forward that socialism and freedom go hand in hand. who cares about reading ideological bibles? alls we need to no is policy and projection of policy - the whimisical woolly thoughts behind some peoples ideal policies are just worthless. if you want freedom, you want socialism. if you want libertarianism, you want what you cannot say out loud - Serfdom and Slavery. The police to protect the libertarians from their slaves and all that. Quote:In other words, please shut up you stupid, stupid moron. Until you educate yourself you offer nothing to civilized discourse. * Please note that I in no way support child pornography. Just trying to make a point here. I know, the child porn example is an extreme example of the point I try to get across to you libertarain (half) people. never the less, it is apt for the unchanging reasons I state above. You are a very stupid person. It is typical of the libertarian internet faction to label everybody a troll who disagrees with them. their arrogance is astounding and knows no bounds. What more can we expect though from would be slavers and takers of freedom, would be destroyers of democracy?
  4. kindfluffysteve

    LIBERTARIANISM and Somalia

    Quote:So if we all had the same chance of opportunity but we had no property or rights you would consider that freedom? odd questions will only ever get odd answers... ...perhaps you might want to move to the idea of stewardship - accepting the ultimate right of society to intervene in wealth distribution - though it may continue to choose not to... basically what I'm for is for the right to vote in a socialist government - not to tie down the system so that such policies are constitutionally denied - as libertarians seem to want. Quote:Yeah because democracy is just great. Hey lets all take a vote to see whether kindfluffysteve should be banned. Ok we have a majority... bye kindflufflysteve. I bet you really thought that was free and fair. Wouldn't it be more fair if we had the moderators look at your posts and come a fair decition rather than letting us decide over your popularity? this argument isnt good either - because in no way have I advocated a democracy of that nature.. ..democracy is about having a sensible debate before implementing policy, not just having some random poll on weather you want the death penality or not and the result changing week on week. Quote: We are not rating you down because you are posting political stuff... We are rating you down because you don't take the time to look at the other side before you criticise it. That and your justification for it sucks. So maybe I should start criticising a movie before I even watch it... hey the trailers look pretty bad... look, just accept that there is no reason to understand libertarian ideology to oppose it. I have no interest in the nonsense thought processes that lead to advocated libertarian policies, alls im interested in, is those policies themselves. And I will argue on those policies. Its sad that some posters find this rational view offensive.
  5. kindfluffysteve

    LIBERTARIANISM and Somalia

    Quote:Original post by Desert Fox Quote:Original post by kindfluffysteve There is no freedom if there isnt equality of opportunity. There is no equality of opportunity without socialism yeah, because we all know that the definition of freedom is having a large portion of your life controlled by somebody else without your direct consent sarcasm!=intelligence. personally, I'd say that lack of freedom (and justice) is this: where you have an unequal chance of opportunity. anything else is to justify slavery. part of good fair freedom is the idea of democracy. libertarian goals are to restrict democracy. to ideally tie up the state in the constitution such that socialist governmetns are constitutionally impossible. guys does this seem right to you? As somebody who stands for fairplay and freedom I am a socialist. and lets be clear. socialism is the true center ground of world politics. the subjective center is to the right of the absolute center (I believe this is due to elites who control mass media). btw. I think its hillarious that when I post political things I get bad ratings. thanks guys. :)
  6. kindfluffysteve

    LIBERTARIANISM and Somalia

    close minded.. ..how about, try a bit of child porn - see if you like it. maybe if you do, you will.. ..though a marginally less extreme case - libertarainism to my mind represents the same sort of thing when somebody says that you have to understand it philosophically. why? alls you need to know is the policies that libertarians advocate. what else do you need to know? I dont think you need to know anything else. pick a libertarian policy and show why its bollocks. who cares by what convoluted perverted logic they use to justify slavery and call it liberty! Its not close minded.
  7. kindfluffysteve

    LIBERTARIANISM and Somalia

    Quote:Original post by The Senshi Quote:Original post by kindfluffysteve yes. but I dont understand the libertarian philosophy because I have no interest other than attacking libertarian policy. How can you possibly hope to "attack" libertarian ideas if you don't even understand them? in the sense that i cant understand peodophilia. both are abhorant. and there is no need to understand the philosophies or perverted desires of libertarianism to understand the outcomes. philosphy can be irrelevent, what matters is outcomes.
  8. kindfluffysteve

    LIBERTARIANISM and Somalia

    what is wrong with libertarianism. All property, All wealth aquired in a society of prevailing inequality - is tainted by that injustice Libertarians policies do nothing to alleviate inequality of opportunity. And yet, where there is injustice, there can be acts of justice to alleviate them. In this manner, socialism is about justice and freedom. There is no freedom if there isnt equality of opportunity. There is no equality of opportunity without socialism Libertarians, better called LIARtarians talk about equality under the law, which as we all know, in practice is a load of tosh. And so, libertarianism has no legs to stand on, none at all. basically what libertarians want is for the police to protect them from their slaves. I find serfdom and slavery disgusting - I find libertarians disgusting people becaues they continue to advocate policies - when shown how wrong they are - that keep people down. people must realise that libertarianism is as extreme as soviet communism. Polar opposites, and at both polls on this world, we have ice and snow, and nobody lives there long.
  9. kindfluffysteve

    LIBERTARIANISM and Somalia

    yes, i agree that I push libertarianism a bit far possibly.. ..but I use somalia to illustrate were libertarianism could if allowed to happen end up. libertarianism is to my mind, more frightening than communism. with regards to where the true balanced center of politics is.. ..well its like pear. Communism is the edge of fat end of the pear. Libertarianism is at the stalk. the center of mass somwhere in the fat end.
  10. kindfluffysteve

    LIBERTARIANISM and Somalia

    yes. but I dont understand the libertarian philosophy because I have no interest other than attacking libertarian policy. no doubt there can be written pages and pages of ideologically turd about why such and such a policy is a good idea.. but I dont care about what libertarians think about their advocated policies. I care about what I think their policies can lead to. Slippery slope of small government. Small government is a weak government. a power vacuum -> others to fill the vacuum. There are two sort of ways this can happen, anarchic influences or aquisitions to take freedom from the people. Anarchy is one way libertarianism could end up. a government that is weak to non existant leading to order collapsing. ultimately though, the libertarian policies seem similar to the way communists advocate their policies - it will work... ...because it will. communists believe certain things but in the real world things dont go according to plan. things dont stand up. in the same way, libertarian policies dont work and dont stand up.
  11. kindfluffysteve

    LIBERTARIANISM and Somalia

    to me, Somalia seems to be a real life version of where the misguided if I suppose, well meaning, policies of libertarianism end up. Inequality of Opportunity. Justice through the gun and whatever stupid currency is in popular use. And no government. Somalia is the only nation in the world without a government. the logic of why I think a libertarian state slips into anarchy is this: Less government means more of a power vacuum. Government keeps down the forces of chaos in a society - when government becomes too week, into the vacuum rushes other things to fill it - like armed gangsters. telecoms companies are apparantly doing quite well there. [Edited by - kindfluffysteve on December 3, 2004 11:15:13 AM]
  12. kindfluffysteve

    Each according to their ability to each according to their need

    "And what reallity is that? The one with unlimitted resources? Capitalism is the meeting of unlimited demand to limited supply, through price control, the power of Economics. Socialism is the attempt to quench unlimited need at whatever the cost." the economy of the world today is being run and planned on the assumption of infinate economic growth. debts continue to mount, pyramid scheme moves on further and further towards inevitable collapse. this is what capitalism does - socialism picks up the pieces. "What? Anyone can own a share of a publically traded company. I probably own 0.0001% of a number of companies right now. It is possible, and has been done many times, for a person of meager background to leverage ownership of valuable companies for a larger ownership of less valuable companies, waiting for these companies to become more valuable, and then repeating, until said person has A) millions of dollars, or B) a controlling interest in the company." LOL thats crazy - you might look up the concept of consumer votes. your fractional ownwership is irelevent apart from symbolic.
  13. kindfluffysteve

    Each according to their ability to each according to their need

    well maybe he wasnt a communist :) ? I have heared the phrases and agree with them. as pedantic bunny pointed out: from each according to their.. etc: to some means iron boot communism - to me means, JUST reward for effort. Property=Theft to ultra-capitalist means Iron Boot communism - omg, wheres my freedom gone and other hysterics. to me means: When class destination is defined by class orgin - freedom is stolen. Class really in effect means how much property you get without earning it. I dont see any sense in that. In the situation that currently holds nations like britain back even today.
  14. kindfluffysteve

    Each according to their ability to each according to their need

    we havent evolved much from our monkey past - is actually used as a counter to socialism? on the contrary - it is our recent emergence out of peasant tribalism that should guide us and give us confidence in socialism. in a small village of what - 20 people, there is much comunal behaviour and cooperation. this is the way humanity has been either settled in small villages or in nomadic groups for eons. Leadership might not be democratic but it is relevent and meaningful to the peeps. you never really here of villages which are internally facist murdering each other and what not. Being a peasant you see is nice. the average peasant or huntergather throughout history worked about 25 hours per week or less. One of the reason for this freedom is that there is freedom. Nobody to tell you what to do, nobody to demand and enforce you into some variety of slavery. And now we live in a civilisation were all land and property is owned in vast proportion by elites. This is quite unnatural and disenfranchising: a simple example: The people have the option to be a free peasant removed from them by property rights written by and for the elite. In compensation for this freedom taken - is in part the welfare state. trouble is, because the status quo has existed for more than a lifetime to some it seems inevitably normal. but it is not how humanity is. humanity is not evolved for these circumstance, happily we have brains and we can use them. And the way to run high population societies is through application of socialism.
  15. kindfluffysteve

    Creating a media center type network?

    i just use a windows share at the moment, then view from laptop or whatever using the wireless network thing.
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