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    I didn't have the intention to post again here, but I must say... Installing Fedora Core 2 on a separate hard drive, with a boot loader whose name I can't remember right now, has screwed my Windows XP partition. Fortunately, it is a "known" problem, and there was a very long instruction that I could enter in Linux that fixed everything (while sending "informational" error messages that made me quite nervous). Cédric (have a nice day, everyone)
  2. Maybe you should tell us what your goal is. Is it only an exercise, or is it to be used in conjunction with another more important app? If the latter, there are probably libraries available... If you're doing it as an exercise, I strongly advise you to pick a high-level language. And look up Greenspun's tenth rule;) Finally, if I were to do a symbolic integrator for fun, I would probably try something wholly original, rather than picking an algorithm that already has thousands of programmers working on it. How about trying to do the integral numerically, and then fit a combination of functions based on its behavior at 0 and infinity? Or integrating the Taylor series, and trying to match them based on a catalogue of already computed series? Granted, these will probably lead you nowhere, but I'm sure that you have crazy ideas of your own;) Good luck! Cédric
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