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    Unexplained Performance Loss

    DrEvil: I checked all that =/. RunningInt: You might be right! =/ I'm on a laptop, and intense programs sometimes crashe the computer, for instance virus scanning, games. And since it's a P4(wich slows down when temperature is high), you might be right. The relation with SP2 must be for the fact that SP2 makes the system a bit faster, and probably uses cpu cycles better, wich makes more heat. I'm guessing here, but it's a shot. Thanks, i'm going to check it out.
  2. (This isn't another "SP2 sucks" thread, so please don't try to make it one) Hi. I've been having some performance problems with a program of mine since i installed Windows XP SP2. I boot the computer, i execute the program a few times and it gives me the expected performance, after a few times(less then 10) it starts losing performance up to 50%, the running time doubles. Now the program doesn't execute anything from stack, and even if it did DEP was turned off(AlwaysOff), i installed the proper Platform SDK SP2, and i know for a fact that there are no memory leaks, doesn't have any network code or graphics, just cpu intensive. Further, the exact same program with the Platform SDK SP2 but still without the Windows XP SP2, performed ok. Does any of you have any idea on what could be causing this? Could it be related with memory fragmentation? The program does take up more then 2Mgs. Could it be some kind of garbage collection Windows XP SP2 enabled? I'm lost here! Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  3. White Rabbit

    For the Staff: misquote?

    Quote: 'My goal is simple. It is complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists as all.' -Albert Einstein Shouldn't it be... 'My goal is simple. It is complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all.' ?
  4. Hi, I'm using GLUT and i can't get it to compute several keys at the same time, the callback receives just one key at a time, and it doesn't descriminate between keyup and keydown, so i don't really know how to do it. Does someone? [edit] AND, what is this glutKeyboardUpFunc(), that i read about in the forums? I can see that there is a linux manual for it, but in the API specs, i can't find anything about it? Are the specs outdated(as GLUT) or is this funtion just working under linux? [/edit] Thanks. [Edited by - White Rabbit on October 11, 2004 10:37:08 AM]
  5. White Rabbit

    Help Wanted Forum Form

    Fields like 'website' and 'screeshots' could also be introduced as 'optional, but highly recomended'.
  6. Stuff like that also happened to me, but posting anonymously never, guess i'm lucky!
  7. White Rabbit

    Sugestion to the GDNet Staff

    CGameProgrammer: That would be AWESOME!!! superpig: That would be AWESOME!!!
  8. I mean these letters, don't they show in you browser?! I'm using firefox btw(as you can see from the image), if it matters. Either way i'll second the request aswell, just to keep the threads AP free.
  9. I find it weird that ppl post anonymously by accident, the bold red letters "Please re-enter your password" really pop out. Anyway, that dialog would be a nice complement.
  10. Quote:The reason you are having such difficulty is because it is generally not a good business model to place your closed source code on a server owned by someone else. Nobody said anything about uploading source anywhere. If a service was in place that allowed features has hosting a site, with forums, with bugtracking, mailling lists, cvs, ftp, etc. I wouldn't be obligated to use them all, now would i? [Edited by - White Rabbit on September 28, 2004 8:15:42 PM]
  11. Hi, I don't really know the capabilities of the Gamedev staff, i mean monetarily, so i don't know how feasable this will sound like, but here it goes. Why don't you guys supply a service similar to sourceforge? I'de, of course preffer a free service =), but if you couldn't make it free, then it could even be used to gain some income, maybe present it as an upgrade from the regular GDNet membership. Given the huge comunity of project starters you guys have here, i think it could work. Thanks.
  12. Hi, Does anyone know of any site that supplies a software development website similar to sourceforge, but that takes closed source projects? I've found a few sites that do it, but there is allways something, Asynchrony we have to pay, Webframe is just plain outdated, at CodeHaus one needs to have a 'business friendly' license, and i can't run GForge or any other similar to it, because the ones i found could only run in Unix. Thank you.
  13. White Rabbit

    how do you like this concept?

    Of course it is 2d. I mean it looks too 2d. If you're going for that particular look, fine. If not... See this? Now this also is 2d, but it has a cartoonish 3d look to it. It has some fades/shadows, some shine, diferent width outline that i don't why but it allways looks good. You may want to look into it.
  14. White Rabbit

    how do you like this concept?

    Take some hints from Ragnarok's graphics! And about the look, you may want to add some shadows, it looks too 2d.
  15. White Rabbit

    question about splines

    I have to be honest, i don't understand much about splines. But looking at it logically, one can easilly guess what's wrong in that picture. Whenever a unit of time passes, you advance a percentage of the spline. 1 second passes, you advance 1% of the total distance of the spline, another second another 1%, and so on. And that won't acheive what you want, because in a smaller spline that 1% will be a smaller distance, and in a big spline it will be a larger distance, that's why a particle looks like it's moving slower with a smaller spline, because is advancing smaller distances at a time. What you need to do is advance a fixed amount of space for splines of all sizes. Hope it helps
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