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  1. The way I understand it is that you have to use realtime Inverse Kinematics. Ie you know where the hand should be, and the Inverse Kinematics will calculated the rotation of the arm joints to achieve the desired movement. It's a common problem in robotics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverse_kinematics
  2. Jimfing

    Has anyone finished all S.T.A.L.K.E.R's endings?

    I've never really encountered any crash bugs or anything. Really enjoying it - and some of the underground complexes are damn scary :D When I get bored of single player I'll just boot up the multiplayer and have some old-school deathmatch.
  3. Thanks for the info! I'll probably go with the 1st suggestion. Jim
  4. Hi i'm trying to use a FileReader on a file that is shared over my local network. Under linux, the path to the file is: smb://home/projects/test.txt However, with the code: File f = new File("smb://home/projects/test.txt"); FileReader fr = new File(f); It fails to find the file. Something odd I have noticed is that looking at 'f', it has changed the path to remove the double // after 'smb:'. Not sure if this is related to the problem though. Thanks.
  5. Here's a long shot: glDrawElements(RealType, OGB->IndexData.GetAllocatedSize(), GL_UNSIGNED_INT, OGB->IndexData.GetValue()); Your index data is definitely an array of unsigned ints? I usually use unsigned shorts (GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT) which allows for 65535 vertices.
  6. How are you calculating your tangent vectors? If 2 triangles sharing an edge have different tangent vectors on the shared verts then you will run into problems unless the verts are made to be unique.
  7. Yeah this game has a lot of bugs - but it is very good fun. The realism makes firefights really intense. You can't just wonder over to a bunch of guys and easily take them out... unlike most 1st person shooters out there. Congrats to the developers for trying to break the mould.
  8. I came across this exact same problem a few days ago. Using boost::filesystem solved it for me.
  9. Jimfing

    making a level editor

    To expand what markr wrote: For 3d level editing, using an existing 3d package (such as 3ds Max) is a very viable solution. The names of the nodes/models in 3ds Max can refer to script files. These script files would then define game-specific properties. You can even have portals, trigger planes etc. defined in 3ds Max using geometry. Writing an exportor for 3ds max is trivial compared to writing an a full-blown editor. If you find at a later date that 3ds max doesn't cut it, then you could always write a custom editor.
  10. Yes considering the PS3 uses OpenGL, I expect to see more PC games to use it too (as it would make porting easier).
  11. Jimfing

    Eclipse workspaces/projects

    Thanks guys rating++
  12. Hi - to anyone who uses Eclipse: How are the projects supposed to work? As far as I can see - any sub-folder in an eclipse workspace is a "project" (and the source files go into these sub-folders). But I want my workspace to be in a different location to my projects (and therefore the source code). I can't see a way of doing this. ie /jimfing/stuff/eclipse_workspace/ <-- want my workspace here /jimfing/stuff/src/game1/ <-- want my sourcecode here If anyone is wondering why I want to do this - it's to make life easier when using source-control. Thanks
  13. Jimfing

    Tangent Vector

    You cannot calculate the tangent basis for just one vertex - as the calculation requires the UV coordinates of the other verts in the triangle. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "pass them to vertex attributes".
  14. Jimfing

    What OS should I learn C++ on?

    Last time I tried Eclipse IDE for C++ development it was pretty good (with a few hiccups here and there). That was some years ago, i'm sure it's improved alot too. Eclipse works on Windows, Linux and Mac
  15. Jimfing

    Tangent Vector

    Hi, this site describes how to calculate the Tangent Basis: link
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