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  1. Okay.
  2. Pac Man Fever
  3. I will second the reccomendation of PB blaster, that stuff is amazing. You could try using a manual impact screwdriver to knock it out. Basically you but this on the screw and hit it with a hammer which forces the bit to rotate. It can apply significantly more torque than you can with a normal screw driver. Also, try drilling it out or using an "Easy Out" and re tapping the hole if all else fails. I'd say you best bet is to soak a rag in pb blaster and leave it there for a day then try removing it, and put some thread sealant or semi-permanent lok-tite on the new screws.
  4. Sounds like a cheaper version of the Ford "SHOgun"
  5. Quote:Original post by DigitalChaos Quote:Original post by ElCrazon Could someone clue me in on exacly why the meeting is being attended by people from San Diego but it's going to be in _Irvine_. I'm not quite clear on the resoning behind this. because not everyone attending is in san diego. so Irvine is about a central location, this is why. Uh huh, well Irvine is too much out of the way for me, so I will not be attending although I would like to have.
  6. Could someone clue me in on exacly why the meeting is being attended by people from San Diego but it's going to be in _Irvine_. I'm not quite clear on the resoning behind this.
  7. I'm working as an intern at SIPphone, Michael Robertson's VoIP company. I'm doing perl stuff right now, I'm going to start work on a VoIP softphone in the next month or two. Anyway, it's kind of odd having Linspire/Lindows right upstairs plus having Michael come down and talk to you...
  8. I'd wager she's using Apple Remote Desktop. Conceivably you could bring in an OS X install disk and change the admin password and disable the service. But she'd probably notice that. Unless you're all using OS 9. In which case I have no idea.
  9. There's an idea. The teacher mentioned something about DNA being a good topic to test a learning game with as it is an area tha most students have issues with. Well, I'll write up a proposal sans actual game ideas so I should have some time left.
  10. So, for a local science fair I a tentatively planing on making a game, or several, based on something related to science to teach kids about some concept. Sadly, I am horrible at coming up with my own ideas on exactly what to do, but can take an idea and make it work for me when given a base. So, would anyone here be kind enough to give a couple basic ideas on what I could make a fairly fun, and educational, game out of? I just need some direction.
  11. It's interesting that you say the bass and drum work on the album is great. It's done by session players, but obviously very good ones. If you didn't already know Chris Poland is on the guitar for the album, Megadeth's first guitarist. Anyway, yeah. Totally awesome album, much better than the World Needs A Hero or risk. I was going to see them on tour but they've decided to do 18+ and 21+ venues in both San Diego and L.A. which makes it kind of hard to see them. I think it's kind of a slap in the face to everyone for a final tour.
  12. I'm interning for SIPphone so I may be a bit biased, but SIPphone uses the SIP standard as written unlike skype or apple that have slightly bastardized it to fit their ends. Anyway, you should give SIPphone a try as it is free too and you can even make free international calls for 5 minutes a day, and currently it's free to call UCSD and most of Austrialia and Singapore with the rest of the UCs coming. Also, you can call into one of their conference rooms and have as many people as you want. Plus, if you want a chat client instead of a pure phone client Trillian will soon have SIPphone support and there is already PhoneGAIM for linux.
  13. Yeah, the open ones allow sound out but don't allow the formation of standing waves in the headphone chamber. They also stay somewhat cool. I have a pair of Sennheiser headphones like that, but a bit older, and they sound really good. I also have some Sennheiser earbuds that are totally awesome with portable players because they're easy to carry around. Anyway, go with the Sennheisers unless you have some cash to spend on a pair of Bose triports. Those have some of the best sound quality I've heard, but they're about $150.
  14. Quote:Original post by benryves Meh, isn't the average UK school have a history longer than America anyway [grin] How are you meant to make your Chinese tea without a tea strainer? You don't strain Green, Black or Oolong Tea. You leave the leaves in and make several cups and then throw the leave out. That's what they do in China, anyway.