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  1. Hi, Thanks, Previously I did graphics and game design for a GBA game (Fila Decathlon) so I had a good understanding of the complexity of even small games when I started on Soda Pipes. But yes, Soda Pipes is the basically the first thing I ever programmed myself.
  2. Hi all, Soda Pipe is the first game I have programmed myself. I basically learned programming while working on it. I also should mention that I had a lot of help from Lamothe's TOTWGPG book and, of course,'s articles and forums. Yes, it is a Pipe Mania / Pipe Dreams clone but now with multiple and dividing flows. This has enabled a lot more variation in the level design. The game has atually a lot of depth, but you should possibly get past the 8 introductory levels before it starts to get really interesting. Check it out on
  3. skew / distortion function in photoshop

    Quote:Original post by sunandshadow Use the perspective transform instead. Thanks, but the outcome is the same. I checked Lview Pro (which I have mainly used for sprite animation)and it actually lets you choose between horizonatal and vertical perspective transformation. But not so in Photoshop 5?
  4. Hi, I use photoshop 5. Let this image represents my original picture: I would like to transform it to something like this: But I am only able to get this! That is, I want the skew to act in the horizontal direction only. Surely, this is possible? Anders
  5. Hi, I have just finished my first windows game. It's a directx7 full screen game. I am able to switch to another application with alt & tab or alt & esc but then it is not possible to return to my game and I have to shut it down. Also, if I try to close with alt& f4, the full screen window dissapears but the game music will not stop. Any ideas?