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  1. Selsesstissan

    Where I can find the entries of 4E5

    Here's the link to Jakem3s90's 4E5 entry at Afterwinds. Gladiator Deathmatch Arena
  2. Selsesstissan


    It's 11:11.... Do you know where your elements are?
  3. Selsesstissan

    NVIDIA System Sentinel

    Mine started doing that, then a month later the fan motor overheated and melted the post it was attached to. I rigged up a new cooling system and its been running fine ever since. (Those warnings stopped as well). Point is, it could be that the card is over-heating due to a fan issue or too much dust clogging everything up. This wouldn't happen to be an MSI card would it? (I only ask because that was the second one I had that the fan melted after a year or 2 of normal non-OC use).
  4. Selsesstissan


    Contest starts..... ..... ...... NOW!
  5. Selsesstissan

    Reviews of all games on

    A translation would be great if you have time. Thanks!
  6. Selsesstissan

    Burqa Ban

    So does that mean party masks, ski masks and hockey masks would be illegal too? "Sorry kid, you can't play goalie here... its illegal, you might be a terrorist!"
  7. Selsesstissan

    What the hell is up with games of today?

    I'm afraid things like this are likely to get much worse before they start getting better. To me it looks like the consoles are starting to follow the "patch it later" trend as well, now that most of them are online.
  8. Selsesstissan


    Quote:Original post by Eelco they suspend your drivers licence if your caught walking drunk? Yup. Any underage drinking violation results in a license suspension in this state. A vehicle has nothing to do with it. In my case I was in an apartment party when the cops showed up and busted us all. And... If you don't currently have a driver's license the suspension starts the day you get one.
  9. Selsesstissan


    Yea its bascially dealt with in PA like a traffic ticket too. The only part that really stinks is the license suspension. But skittleo is lucky in this sense in that its the middle of the school year and as a freshmen he probably doesnt have his car at main campus anyway (unless they changed that rule since I was there). When I got busted it was the week before spring finals... so I had to go all summer without a license. It made it tough to find work that summer. But its not a misdemeanor, you don't get convicted of it in court, its just like a traffic ticket. You actually don't even have a court hearing, unless you fight it. You can also likely get out of the fine and do community service instead, but personally I would just pay the fine and not fight it. As far as taking classes? That must be either new or isn't true, because I didn't have to do that one. But dude, it's penn state... you're going to party, and most likely you're going to drink. Just be smarter about it, know your limits (drinking enough to not remember is way over your limit), and stay clear of the big house and frat parties and you'll be fine.
  10. Selsesstissan


    I got slapped with that my freshman year at PSU. Mandatory suspension of license for 90 days and a $300 fine. And yes they mail a letter to your parents so you should call them first so they hear it from you. This was eight years ago so the law could have changed since then. And that also depends on if you are a PA resident. EDIT: But as far as any other records following you around, don't worry about it. It doesnt show up on anything as a criminal record or anything. Oh, and thats only if this was a REAL cop... not campus police. If it was campus police then you may have less to worry about, but I'm not sure on that one.
  11. Selsesstissan

    A Question About Credit(Updated)

    Start by getting a checking account with a bank that has Visa Check Cards. That way you can at least use the check card in place of a credit card for things like web hosting accounts. Then after a few months of having the account try to apply thru your bank for a card. It will be a very low limit card, but they are more willing to give it to you. For years I never had need of a credit card either, I always paid cash or used my check card. But, I will need the credit for a home loan eventually, if it wasn't for that I would never have needed a credit card because the check card can do the same thing (it just draws from your account, but doesn't help out your credit score).
  12. Selsesstissan

    Project Car

    The one thing you may want to get looked at before you get to far into the project is make sure the accident didn't bend the frame. Other than that, sounds like fun! I wish I had the space to finally start tearing apart my old car and rebuild it.... unfortunately my apartment complex frowns on us having partially assembled vehicles up on blocks [rolleyes]
  13. Selsesstissan

    My list of games that I don't want anymore

    The games arrived today and they all look great. Thanks a bunch man! I look forward to seeing the hardware list.
  14. Selsesstissan

    My list of games that I don't want anymore

    PM sent [edit]: I do actually have an electric guitar just sitting around at home, but its left handed.
  15. Selsesstissan

    Ok, I'm ashamed after making a STUPID mistake...

    Quote:Original post by Lukewarm Yes.. calm down, people; we're software experts, not hardware experts. These are all stories of hardware peoples' version of the "forgot the semicolon" mistake. Hmm... guilty of that one too... VB at work, C at home... Its not my fault I swear! [looksaround] Now I'm ashamed
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