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  1. Extrarius

    How many people have bailed on Gamedev.net?

    Not entirely true. The new design causes me serious eye strain (whether using the white or dark+flashbangs theme) so I've "left" but I check back every few weeks to see if there is a theme I can actually use to read the forums for any period of time without getting a headache or worse.
  2. Extrarius

    Gdnet Black (Alpha)

    I'm disappointed to see the black theme is still significantly broken. I'd like to be able to occasionally browse GDNet without serious eye strain, but the new website still doesn't offer me that option.
  3. Extrarius

    I'm Leaving Gamedev.Net Because Of The New Site Design

    The reason I'd guess people are leaving is exactly because they are here to enjoy technical discussions with competent developers. The new design looks largely targeted to draw in younger, less experienced people that will contribute more questions than answers and (based on my experience with other social networking sites) more soliloquies, snark, and sass with a significant shortage of serious science and other interesting-to-me topics. If the community makeup switches so such demographics match that description, it will not have the same kinds of content that such people are interested in. Also, it makes my eyes hurt in a way that feels very similar to a migraine. I'm not sure how GDNet has always managed that, considering that most sites on the internet used black-on-white, but somehow onl this site has ever continually caused pain. I could easily see why this alone would cause people to leave at least until a less painful theme is available.
  4. Extrarius

    What Does Everyone Think About The New Site Layout?

    I entirely agree. I don't really like this new direction at all. I have enjoyed the forums here for a long while, but the new look completely turns me off from this site. I'm enduring a strong headache from the theme just to type this, and I'll likely not be back until I'm given a theme that doesn't burn my retinas. Even once that is changed, I'll probably drop this from my reading list if the community moves in the direction that the new site seems to be leading. I don't visit social networking sites for a reason, and if this site is walking away from its competency in technical discussions, it doesn't have a purpose for me any more. I can understanding wanting to target younger generations, but it'd be a shame for that to come at the cost of the experienced professionals that make up the foundation of these forums. The old forums had a subtle yet significant selection of layout where the post was the only element to take up significant space with all the other information being squashed into a tiny space proportional to it's importance in discussions.
  5. Extrarius

    Where to buy eBooks?

    Depending on what kind of reading you enjoy, you might find some good books at E23. E23 is the e-store for the makers of the RPG called GURPS, but they've signed up many other producers of RPG materials. I really love their download system (unlimited downloads if you register, no DRM, etc) and feel it really treats me like the paying customer that I am. I don't know how well the kindle will handle RPG pdfs, though, as the tables can be quite complicated.
  6. Extrarius

    Internships at Lockheed Martin

    Personally, I stumbled into an internship after my first year of college. The first year was easy, because the internship only lasted for the summer and I wasn't planning on taking summer classes anyways. Starting with the second year, the internship started in the summer but lasted until I got hired at the company (after graduating several years later). They were rather understanding to start with, but I had to also convince them to lower their requirements further so I could work only a few hours a week while also taking a low-to-moderate class load. It took me 6.5 years to get my baccalaureate, but I graduated debt free and gained a ton of "Experience" (mostly just the kind you can put on resumes, but also a bit of the kind that aids and improves learning).
  7. Extrarius

    Why don't multiplex cinemas do this?

    I don't know if it is still open, but in my hometown, in a rather run-down mall, there was a "Dollar Theater" ($1 admission) that only showed older movies. Generally, they showed movies that were released 6 months to a few years ago. If such a model worked (which it did for a several years, at least), then it'd probably also work to show arbitrarily old movies as well. I imagine a big part of their semi-success, though, was due to extremely low cost of space and the fact that they weren't trying to compete with large theaters at all - all of their theaters were rather small with rather plain seating etc, so they would have lost if they competed directly. In my current place or residence, a couple of theaters have regular viewings of older movies, but they turn it into an event by not always showing older shows and by only showing a particular show for a few days when they are showing such shows. They have also done things like show the world cup games when the world cup was being held.
  8. Extrarius

    Can someone help me name my API?

    APITITE Application Programming Interface Technology for Interactive Three-d Entertainment
  9. I've always wondered how a 4x game with randomized conditions equal for and displayed to all players would work out. Imagine that on the loading screen, the game displays a graph showing a tech tree, building requirements, unit requirements and abilities, etc, and each time you play the options available are randomly chosen - the game could have a kind of behind-the-scenes "point buy" system that it uses to build random units and cost them out - advantages like '5x base health' would raise "points" and 'requires tier 2 building' or 'costs double gold' or 'takes extra time to build' or 'takes 2 food' could reduce "points", with all units generated to have a given point value (randomizing this per game could be interesting - some games you're playing superhuman ubersoldat with 50 point units and the next you're playing a peasant uprising with -10 point units). Of course, such a game could not be as complex per play as other games are because the randomization would take a lot of work to understand and take advantage of, but averaged over the long term, such a system might still lead to a kind of deep gameplay. On the other hand, having a 'build your own units' with the same 'point buy' system used for randomization could provide an interesting alternate game mode - instead of seeing the random data on the loading screen, you'd see the choices your opponent made for their units/tech/etc and they would see your choices. Everybody would have to create a diverse set of units to allow them adapt to different opponent choices (all the pointing being done before game, you have to have a counter for at least a few strategies built into your set of units/etc)
  10. Extrarius

    volatile and consistency

    C and C++ make very few guarantees about things like the behavior of volatile, which is why I'd guess many people suggest against it. To be sure things will work as expected, you'll need to use whatever conventions your compiler and platform require. Using MSVC with windows, I typically use the intrinsic _Interlocked* functions for performing atomic operations along with the barrier intrinsics when I need to ensure ordering.
  11. What calling convention do the functions in the dll use? Are you calling them using the correct calling convention? Also, have you tried initializing all your variables to some value, even the ones you are not required to initialize? It's a good habit to get into (I typically initialize status variables to "critical failure" and everything else to 0).
  12. The page (and, presumably, the DB entries) for Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools is still broken after this and this.
  13. I haven't used VS 2010 extensively, but I _really_ don't like the number of things it installed and how much CPU it used. I was planning on using it on my laptop, but VS 2010 kept the CPU usage very high, whereas VS 2008 idled at the appropriate 0% low power mode. My laptop isn't beefy, but a core i3 mobile w/ 4GB RAM should be plenty to run a fancy text editor. Komodo Edit can do intellisense on dynamic languages (python, javascript, etc) better than VS 2010 did on C++, and the former also leaves my CPU at 0% (after a second or so of loading). Visual Studio hasn't honored the windows themes since at least VS 2005. Other Microsoft products stopped honoring themes long before then.
  14. Extrarius

    Marijuana legalization...

    Quote:Original post by Talroth [...]I don't see how making it easier for a larger number of people to get stoned off their asses every weekend (or every day) is going help things.I would argue that putting people in overcrowded jails, giving them a criminal record, and potentially ruining their lives for getting caught using a relatively harmless drug is worse than letting more people have access to it. I'd also argue that criminalizing relatively harmless drugs encourages potential users to become involved with the larger criminal underground and puts them in a position where they're more likely to be exposed to extremely dangerous and harmful drugs. Thus, while I don't think giving everybody of age legal access to relatively harmless drugs is helpful to society, I definitely think that providing legal access is far less harmful to society than criminalization and the "war on drugs".
  15. You mention that walls store which sectors are on each side. Do sectors store which walls make it up or which sectors share walls with it? Another approach I thought of is to use a simple breadth-first search to choose which sectors to process, starting with the one the player is in. Something like (semi-python):sectorsToRender = [GetSector(player.location)] while (not bAllColumnsFull) and sectorsToRender: nextSector = sectorsToRender.pop(0) if not InView(next): continue Render(nextSector) sectorsToRender.extend(nextSector.linkedSectors) The "InView" check being optional, of course, and you'd need some way to check whether a sector was already processed. For the latter, you could use a bitmask for speed, but for the actual list of sectors to render, a pointer or index list (cyclic to make popping free and to avoid multiple allocations) would be better so you can maintain order.
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