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  1. Various programs like Virtools, Quest3D and some 3d engines are using a flow chart like language in which you link blocks of code that have functionality resembling a programming language. I am interested in the flow chart language itself, how it was built where to find information, how did they make the blocks of code etc. Any link would be helpful.
  2. I am looking for work and in many jobs they are asking SQL and ASP which I am not a professional in fact my background is more desktop apps oriented. I have a good knowledge of Winforms, C# etc. and I just dont understand why is every one hyped about internet enabled. Anyway thanks for the replies.
  3. Do you believe that desktop only applications are dead? Is everything internet oriented?
  4. Is it possible to make gadgets with Xaml and C#?
  5. In my company we are thinking of new technologies and I proposed to have a look at Apollo(Adobe) and WPF. However, I would like the opinion of the community on this. Since we are talking marketability do you think that Apollo has the capabilities to build full fledged applications from simple photo viewers to, very important, 3d applications like 3d editors?
  6. Antony52

    Application development.

    You are right. Tools programming like 3d editors.
  7. For general interface (forms etc.) based applications development is Visual C# .NET or Java Swing better overall (ease of use, fast development time etc.)?
  8. The University I was studying bought some activation codes and I got a mail from them saying that rtzen's site isnt online anymore, actually is non existent. I mean come on you just take the money and run away without a mail saying anything to your customers? Do you remember who is the large publisher? Maybe I could contact them for more info.
  9. Do you remember a company named RTzen which released a shader tool called RT/shader Ginza? What happened to them? My university had acquired a nummber of licenses from them and suddendly their site is down and no phone or email works. Guess they just took people money and run?
  10. I have some questions for which I would be grateful for an answer or general opinion: 1) Which platform is better for user interface design and general development of windowed applications Java or Visual C#. 2) Which is considered to be easier and faster to develop with? 3) Which is more widely used currently in the job market? Any opinion matters.
  11. Can Xbox 360 execute C# based programs? Is .NET installed in any version?
  12. From what I read there is a Forms designer in you mean windows forms designer, albeit only for specific languages. If you are refering in building custom controls I think there is a workaround.
  13. From what I saw from the VS site the VS express edition and the standard are almost identical. So can we say that the VS express edition is more than adequate to handle the same applications the standard would? In other words can we choose the VS express edition instead of the standard(in case we are using only one progamming language of course)?
  14. Can you please direct me to any resources containing owner-drawn controls with Visual C# 2005 be it a book or a link (link would be better).
  15. Antony52

    Xbox 360 age group.

    I argue about the 20+ or any age group all together. I believe that any console has at this time something for everyone.
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