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  1. Well i've mentioned before elsewhere, don't award exp for killing monsters. First remove the idea of the massive level gaining, let all characters start proficient. ie New characters don't have to stay in newbie zone untill such and such level. This doesnt mean no progress just allow stronger starting characters. Heck just set the entire world to work off of a common sense skill stat model. Whatever creatures there are should be on par with the players. Next remove the award on killing creatures. This is the second guilty party for grinding. Instead offer experience based on effective interaction in the world and quest rewards. Example 1. Player Skieve kills npc Dukes son. First don't respawn the son. Second offer xp for the action. Third there is now a bounty on Skieve head. Example 2. The player who accepts the bounty on Skieve will gain xp for returning or killing Skieve. Example 3. Orc band kills some npc hunters that wander too close to there hunting lands. The town offers quest to get these Orcs. Possibly also award exp for community based participation. Set it up though that the more you use a skill the more exp is put into it when exp is awarded. Of course to implement would be a redisgn on the entire mmorpg content delivery system. instead of content being something that story written, it would be created through a simulator. Or in a simple way take a RTS let the computer be the rulers and players are just solitary characters. As for the idea of player skill check out Yohoho Puzzle Pirates. There are no levels no grinding right from the start it's all based on player skills, and there is a ranking system. Problem here is that if you not good at puzzle games your not going to have fun. How many Hardcore fps players go out at hardcore play a mmorpg. Simply is that they don't. How many hardcore puzzle players rock at fps, simple they don't. But at least with the "rpg" mechanics both could play a mmorpg without penalizing the other. Will they want to play, eh who knows. But at least it has a more open player market.
  2. JaydRyu

    The new MMORPG's. Possible or not possible?

    I have to agree, I would like to see an rpg where the focus is on the story of the world, and the players are the important ones. All the current rpgs just set players against static quests, or realy lame quest generators. I've been trying to think of a dynamic quest engine, based on other factors that presripted concepts. My idea is to remove the exp gain from monster camping. And only reward xp based on other influences. Sneaking into a house and stealing npc property gains you xp. But this puts a quest on recovery of the item. If the player was scene it would put his name on the information. Upon having this quest generated by the player the other player to accept the mission can get xp from completing it. If orcs(npc) attack a town, the town puts a bounty on the Orc. players accepting the mission will gain xp on finishing it. But the orc town attack is not scripted. By putting groups of people into bands you can orginize the scoiety structures needs and wants. If the orcs need food they attack dear,bear,lone people. If this need of food become desperate they will potentialy attack towns(leading to the previous comment). But this adds a simulation element to the game. You could base it on RTS types of game. This would add alot to the ai programming of creating more of a simulation world and less on the production of more static quests. Other issues is that the town needs food, so the orcs and human hunters will come into contact. If there not desperate for the food they may not fight. but if they are then they will. This of course comes down to not respawning things all the time. put states on npc's like age,gender. Give the band a population stat. If this value is not met check to see if there is a male & female. If that's true check every so often to see if a child is born. Anyway it's a much bigger design, and it's somthing I would like to see. And might do in the future. Onto the voice. I think the voice idea is a bad one. Mostly agreeing with other posts about the female voice. I occasionaly like to play a female, she would destroy the mood as soon as they heard my low voice. And this would cut out people who are deaf. Personaly I would like to use a Text to Voice engine in the game. With a little tweaking you can set the voice modulation. And on the same end if you wanted to you can add a Voice to Text interpretor. So my low voice ends up appearing as a female on the other side. And this would cut the bandwidth to no more than just text. With a few more extra's like a Languange accent/slang tree that would change text of "the"(Human) to "de"(Ogre), this would realy add somthing to the rpg area. And people who are deaf, have the option to see the dialog in text. This is just a thought that's been brewing around in my head for some time.
  3. JaydRyu

    drawing iso tiles ...

    Well when I did a Isometric tile display I went through some easy steps. 1. I clipped some tiles from X-Com, this was only to get the pixel ratio and template. 2. cleaned up the image so that I had left was a clean iso-tile. 3. Next I created a square line around it and then painted with a saturated colour for transperancy. This way I just ended up with drawing iso tiles with transparant where the square edges are left. 4. created a bunch of iso tiles that would blend in with those that surround it. That was pretty easy. I simple took a copy of the template, and overlayed the new tile to. 5. cleaned the outside. 6. clipped the inside into 4 square and placed them facing there connecting side. 7. The center lines arent clean so just fiddle with the colours abit, untill it looks right. After this you end up with a tile that can be placed next to any of it's own type seemlessly.
  4. JaydRyu

    Your ideas on making an RPG Battle System

    What I want a system to resemble. A good set of mechanics based on the design of common sense resolution. What the consumer wants is a system that gives them wow cool, mine is better than yours. 1. I would change the concept from HP vs Damage(Resulting in a high HP and constant weapon increase) Defence vs Attack(potential more interesting combat) 2. Very slow performance skill increase, but often specialization increase. What I mean by this, is that rather than constantly increasing the prime skill like Melee as the ONLY weapon skill. To a Melee with a large subset of weapons and attack bonuses. Design example: Skill ranges 1-10(1 rookies, 2 job min, 3 job competent, 4 vet..) Specilization 1-3 Characters would roll number of D10 equal to there skill taking the highest die, then adding there attribute. 4D10(melee) + 4(Agi) 1 (Short Sword) + 1(Human Strikes) + 1 (Dragon Tail) Specilications could change the secondary bonus die. coming out to a 4d10(10,9,3,2) + 4 = 15; Maximum die + 1 for each additional (10-SpecBonus)7-10 The defender would be building a similiar defence values. Just a quick idea. This allows for a more common sense system in that your not constantly only comparing HP vs Damage. The Bonuses don't offset too much since they only apply to the likely chance of rolling an extra +1 wich is determined on the die value. (Hell I think I'll use this system myself) use MOS damage ie the higher the difference between attack vs Defence roll, you do more damage. This is then subtracted by a soak armour resulting in either a wounding system or static HP system. Make teh system lethal, but allow for player bonus by adding a extra rule. I mentioned in another post about adding City of Heroes Inspiration design. Lots of specializations allow a wow becuase it's often and does tally up. But your performance skill still holds within a common sence range.
  5. JaydRyu

    Maze Game idea.

    Sounds like a variation on The Amazing Labyrinth from Ravenburg.
  6. JaydRyu

    physics tech demo testing

    Well i'm running on a AMD Duron 1300 with 512mb sdram and a geforce 2 mx400 32mb. With Physics anywhere from 35-80 depending on how much activity. With Physics off I get up to 200-300fps. It looks like your physics engine is realy consuming alot of cpu. But Addmitidly it looks realy nice. I was disapointed that the balls didnt bounce well enough. It would have been nice to cee some bouncing down the stairs.
  7. JaydRyu

    RPG Stats Concept Game Design

    True anyone can roleplay with any system. Stage actors do this all the time, and they don't use dice. Depending on the group, GM, and setting you can do heavy role playing with Hero Quest from Milton Bradley. What it comes down to is how much the troupe want to use the dice. Role Master was all about Dice. I like to mix and match, if they act well they get a bonus(Based on personal acting experiance and effort). D20 is ok if you want straight drawn out fights, but it's not supportive to imaganitive combat. If your mixing role & rule playing. And almost if not all the FEATS are orientated straight towards the combat adventure. I don't recall any social, mnechanical, or various such FEATS. I have seen a attempt at it with Star Wars. But a good rule system doesnt havent to make "Exception Rules" to be able to perform basic stuff. Why should the Thief be the only one to do more damage based on Sneaking. By common sence and a MOS based system as long as the character can strike with the victim not knowing, it's a powerfull strike. It's just only those with the Sneak Skill will do it well. And opened based system don't restrict you. So it is a fine system if you want to bend or expect certain things from it. But when you want to merge them, D20 still fails. But I won't mention anymore on it. I gave some sugestions in my post above for rpg ideas and stats. "I have a Big Mouth" Bugs Bunny?
  8. JaydRyu

    What's your favourite RPG system?

    Silhouette from I found the only chink to there ther complexities. Good Idea but to abstract to use properly. Fusion from R.Talsorian games nice and solid. That's it, i'm not the biggist dweeb collertor of them, but I've had my hands on and used about 20 different mechanics. And these for ME are the best.
  9. JaydRyu

    Final Fantasy Tactics iso?

    While FFTA is a 3d enviroments, and 2d sprite. The games cameras always put it in a isometric view. X-Com, Syndicate, Diablo, they all use Isometric view, just also 2d graphics.
  10. I would suggest C++. Once you have picked that up, Java is a breeze and the .NET works in C++ and J#.
  11. JaydRyu

    RPG Stats Concept Game Design

    I agree with DrEvil on the D20 point. ** Warning I'm long winded here ** Popularity does not equal quality. Popularity is based on marketing. Successful marketing does not make something good. "Mark Hughes" Does everyone remember Daikatana? The big reason why other people say that D&D/D20 is bad AND pushes it on people, is becuase they don't want to see someone using a inferior system when there are superior systems out there, and some are for FREE. And then you also get jerks. D20 is NOT a computer, it DOES NOT need as much work for another system to work. THERE IS NO waiting times in pen & papers games to develope new equipment. What would people rather use Microsoft or Linux(if Linux had just as much software support) If your looking for a similiar rule system check out Fusion from It's FREE the core rule system is based on the same premise. But the stat base is lower there are no classes or levels. And if you do like those then there easy to implement. Both systems work off a linear advancement. But everything past the basics are different. Fusion differes in advacement and experience gaining. They don't focus on just combat in there rules. D20 big problems is that it's orientation towards "role playing" is barely more than Diablo2. Everthing about advancment is about killing things better. BUT, I'm going on the assumption that you want to make a combat rpg. So no more on this part of the subject. On to alternatives. Here are my suggestions 1. Stat should NOT be linear. Pro: You don't need stat increasing alot if at all. Players tend to do better in there givin attribute. Con: It's not as showy and feels less rewarding. Attributes have little effect on small increases. Example: Using linear values is absurd, people attributes don't range in such drastic manner. Diablo and such games are horrid examples of this. They do this becuase it generaly replaces skills. D20 fails becuase the attributes are worthless at later levels. Personal: While my favorite system uses 10 primary and 5 derived, I found that 5 is suitable. Body: Stringth, Stamina, Size Alertness: Dexterity, Agility, Perception Mind: Knowledge, Intelligence Charisma: Creativity(Wits), Influence, Appearance Spirit Willpower, Chi/Ki 2. I'm Conan why can't I sneak(The Class Restriction Rule) While this is easily avoided, the old D&D had this problem and many crpg still are stuck on this. They make no sence except in the idea of restricted linear advancment. BUT people like to show off there class level and here the WOW effect. Best thing you could do is a Final Fantasy Tactics approach. Classes are open to you. Once you level up you choose the class with no restriction or penalty. D20 does penalize you for to many classes, it's enforced becuase of the 1st level class bonuses. If you want to do class tree like needing Thief for certain skills then open other class tree Ninja or Assasin go for it. But don't block the root classes. These are just abstract roleplaying to RULE playing concepts. Theoreticly all skills are open, and if it's a secret skill it's blocked becuase your not affiliated with teachers. Anyone can sneak, but can everyone learn Ninjustsu(The art of Stealh) no becuase it's a clan secret, if you can join you can learn it. 3.Pound Me Again Rule(HitPoints) or I show my awsomeness by shooting myself in the Head There design flaw assumes that you will be hitting and getting hit very often. That is realy stupid. If you want to make combat intense throw it out. Use a wounding threshold, or a preset HP level that applies to everything. All things can only take 20 damage. Allow potential modifers to that. Armour to soak and have the ability to evade. Armour reduces sucsfell Hit Damage, while Evading reduces damage to the area. a Heart Strike instead hits the side of the arm. Unless you want to do Dragon Ball Z fights, fiction is based on smart use of ones talents, and combat talents deal with NOT getting hit. My suggestion is to read Taltos or anything with Melee combat. No one has the ability to be struck solidly by a Broadsword and laugh it off. Even in DBZ if Goku said just hit be with your Long Sword Trunks, he would still be seriously hospitlized if he lived. Weapons are lethal, linear HP advancment spoils this. This also leads to the My sword is Better thatn your sword. If you realy want to do this make magical weapons special by giving them extra effects, don't jsut increase there innate stats in a linear fashion. All you want to tdo is, Rusty, Normal, Masterwork. If you want some Metal differences go ahead. 4. My Attack was perfection but it bounced off his hair (Margin of Success determination.) D20 has taken the Binary route. Success or Fail. Some systems link your performance to how well you roll In combat terms Binary generaly takes the stance of an attack roll then a damage roll. Where as the other idea, if you attack well you do more damage. The difficulty is determined by either there parry or dodge. This then leads to point 5. It's also dealt in one roll. Example: Longsword x8. If I hit you for 3 Mos then I do 24. If your using threshold compare, if you use HP then reduce. 5. To be Hit or Not to be Hit(Armour vs Dodging) This realtes to 4. People in heavy armour don't dodge as well. So the theory is that they will take more hits, just less damage. Where as the Dodger will evade the hits. Both reduce damage just in differnt ways. While this is ok to abstract weaponary effects fall apart. What if the weapon has a enchament of touch or poison. D20 fails becuase of the abstraction of the hit, it assumes may have hit even if the roll failed, the hit just didnt do enough damage. Where as the other way you actualy know if you connect or not and apply the effect or not. 6. How to Make Heroes The Zelda and all it's clones and City of heroes Well with all the stuff i've mentioned the players are also put on the lethal ground. This isnt exactly fun for them. If there getting killed just as fast as the npc's they fight. Here are two solutions(there are more but I can only think of 2). 1. Survival/Combat/Emergency Pool. This pool is generated by doing certain actions. Quests, community participation or combat, what ever. Whenever a player is going to get seriously injured some of the points are spent to stop making the situation as bad. A fail is still a fail, but a Fumble is now just a fail. Once this pool runs out they fall under the same rules as the npc's. Once the pool runds dry it's time to leave and refill it some way. Personal Note: I thought of this rule as a derived rule from spending xp/kharma/Emerency so ect. In a computer game though players will find a way to abuse it, so my idea for my rpg was that the only way to get them wre to do community activity, doing a job, or going around using Trade Skills. This was to slow down the raw combat of the game and get everyone to the aspect of building a home, based on a Apocolyptic world. 2. Inspiration(The Zelda and City of Heroes Rule) As players defeat enemies they gain a quick bonus, either in the way of increased health, magic, stamina, defence, attack or even extra actions/speed. Both offer to make gameplay more action orientated and not as slow. "The crulest dream, reality" The Offspring
  12. Yep I'm on the same bandwagon as Cyper3D. So i decided to do somthing small, and simple. I've done my pong and memory game stuff. I've done more than a dozen rending classes so ect. My only suggestion if you get the urge to write that big game. Write a small part of it as a game itself. If you can do pong, i'm sure you can move a man around the screen. If you can bounce the ball you can at least get them to shoot a gun. Start from there. Then slowly add things, like momentum to the main figure make them a type of plane or tank. Add options. Just keep in mind that this component your working on is for somthing larger. Best thing though, stick with somthing small and reusable.
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