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  1. MP3-Beating Compression (for real!)

    Some things you could try I guess: Have your file store chunks in packets. Each packet either contains file data or pi data. Compute Pi out to a file which takes up oh... 5 MB, and access the file on disk instead of calculating pi each time. Deal with chunks of data up to maybe 20-30 bytes. If it doesn't find it, use the raw data instead. It would probably not work very well, but maybe an improvement in speed and compression from what we had before. You could also put modifier flags into the first identifier. Like is this pi backwards, or added to the fibonacci sequence or whatever to get more possible data to draw from. This way it would take a long time to compress but a not so long time to decompress.
  2. License to LOL

    Quote:Original post by BBB So simple, yet so funny. :)
  3. License to LOL

    Quote:Original post by kSquared Quote:Original post by Talroth I'm sure those would break a few laws. First, you are doing something on purpose to distract other drivers. I'm sure that is a $50-100+ ticket. I doubt you could ticket someone purely for having a distracting modification to their car. Otherwise, where are all the tickets for people that have crappy/outdated bumper stickers ("Vote for Carter!")? Or what about those hippies that paint their vans in obnoxiously loud colors? No, but I believe if something extends from your back farther than about a foot, legally you need to put a red flag on it...
  4. Quote:Original post by Mithrandir and have tons of bugs in them or features slashed into oblivion. pun intended? :D
  5. Moussaoui takes back Guilty Plea

    Quote:Original post by LessBread Moussaoui isn't American, treason doesn't apply to him. Fair enough, but it's still intent to harm America.
  6. Moussaoui takes back Guilty Plea

    Quote:Original post by ChurchSkiz Obeh, do you honestly not see a difference between declaring war on a country's military and planning to blow up men, women, and children civilians? A life is a life but when you join the military you do so understanding that you become a target during a military operation. Okay perhaps you're right there may be a difference in intent. The difference between homicide and murder. Still, the war was unnecessary and Bush knew this before we went in. Whereas assuming Moussaoui is guilty of consipiracy here.. he would have helped plan an attack on American civilians. Treason... Bush started a war that was unnecessary for his own personal gains. His action resulted in many deaths, as well as harm to: American Soldiers, families of American Soldiers, the American image overseas, the American economy. Basically through his actions, willing caused harm to America for his own gains. Also Treason... You can't equate Iraq to WW1 or WW2 because we became involved for the benefit of America, not it's president. There is little evidence to support that Iraq was ever a threat to our country, and there is much evidence to support that Bush knew this. Perhaps the difference is that Bush did not decide to go into Iraq with the intention of killing American troops, whereas Moussaoui would have intended death. Ok, I'll give Bush the benefit of the doubt, apathy vs intent to kill. It's still treason. The CIA leak is quite clear cut treason as well.
  7. Moussaoui takes back Guilty Plea

    If Bush can get away with treason why can't he? Planning such an attack I think is treasonous. (assuming his guilt is beyond the shadow of a doubt.) Perhaps he didn't actually kill anyone, but his actions may have led to many deaths. The thing is you can say the same thing about Bush's leak of Valerie Plame as well as his persecution of the Iraq war for no good reason or benefit to America. I really don't see the difference between the two. On 9/11/01 about 2000 people died. Bush's useless war has led to about that many deaths of US troops alone. In my opinion, both Moussaoui and Bush are guilty of just about the same crimes.
  8. Take the spyware quiz

    What about siteadvisor.com? Does it contain spyware itself? :D
  9. Psyops + Internet: Hooray!

    Nothing wrong with that, but the problems come into play when our own news media becomes manipulated in the interests of national security. Some say it is already happening.
  10. Psyops + Internet: Hooray!

    Quote:Original post by furby100 That seems to be the primary function of a government. The bastards. Uhm actually I thouoght the primary function of a government was to protect and ensure the welfare of it's citizens, as well as to be a conduit for their will.
  11. prayer and healing

    Quote:Original post by The Frugal Gourmet But I'm not even sure you can provide the correlation. I can easily think of a-religious societies or social movements with little moral superiority to religious ones -- Nazism, Stalinist Russia, China today. I don't even need an experiment for that bit of evidence. The Crusades, Jihads, etc. I'm sure sometimes religions do change when their fundamental beliefs are threatened by reality. Either that or the religious are forced to disbelieve something. Sometimes they don't. For example, Christianity's story of the creation of the world. Some people now believe this is more a figurative story than a literal one. Some of the people in power would like to keep their powerbase. Some are genuinely religious. As for me, I won't take one side or the other of this argument. Sometimes religions bring out the worst in people, and sometimes other factors do. Sometimes religions bring out the best in people, and sometimes other factors do. I don't think religions and the religious are inherently good or bad. Some respect from both sides would be nice today. Religious people need to stop telling non religious people they are wrong, and how to live their lives, and non religious people need to stop bashing religion and the religious.
  12. Guess The Film Scene 2!

    Quote:Original post by Rain 7 Its Starship Troopers. oops
  13. Oblivion

    Quote:Original post by necreia Quote:Original post by OBeH one thing for you PC people I'm doing now and I think may help with the leveling balance is to set your level from time to time to a few levels down. This way you retain your skills but the things around you that level with you are not insanely hard later. Go to the console (~ key) and type player.setlevel X. Yes it is cheating a little bit but from what I hear it gets insane with like random bandits wearing daedric armor later. I found this mod to be a solution to the (rather stupid) equipment problems with bandits and the like. Hmmmm I might try that out later when I get back to playing. I'm a little apprehensive about the mods though because last time I installed a slow lvl mod, it made my game crash... (and it hadn't crashed before)
  14. Guess The Film Scene 2!

    Quote:Original post by fnm Dune?
  15. Why Google has hired Chuck Norris

    Yeah I really don't understand the fad. I mean Chuck Norris I think is about the worst out of all of the action heroes.