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  1. You are correct on that one for sure. Very few ever make money, in fact game companies with funding will go in and out of business very easily. But really that point is obvious, this is the industry we are in. I think that people who want to get into the game industry have to realize this and take a chance. People who want to do this kind of work have 2 main choices. Try to get hired somewhere in a very competitive industry, or create the job yourself.
  2. I have written a game client, server, and world designer. I need people that want to help create the world. I am making no money off this yet. It is a top down view Diablo style playing game where the player can also switch to a 3rd person view if they want. The game is done and being played but it needs more content. In order to get people interested in helping, what arrangements do people think are good? I was thinking of keeping track of work done and then paying out once the game starts making money. So someone designs a dungeon and we agree it is worth $300. Then when the game starts making money a % of that is divided between all people or teams that made contributions. Problem: Some people will not spend the time needed for good design work.
  3. ejthayer

    Stop hacking

    I had a problem with someone decompiling my game client so I bought one of the best code obfuscating programs I could find and all it did was cause peoples virus scanners to think the game client was a virus. I guess people who create viruses use those types of tools. I do keep as many decisions as possible server side.
  4. ejthayer

    Preventing cheating (Python & Twisted)

    Yes encryption does help, and yes having a check sum helps. It depends on the skill level of the hacker. Every level of defense helps. I have had experience where these things have for sure helped stop hackers. By hackers I'm also including people who use packet sniffers and different cheat programs to send packets to the server. Many people don't have the ability to understand decompiled code and they will have problems with encrypted packets. If you don't encrypt then the door is wide open to them and they will use it.
  5. ejthayer

    Preventing cheating (Python & Twisted)

    I have had to deal a lot with hackers and cheaters in an online RPG I wrote. You do for sure want to keep as many decisions on the server as possible. Confirm that all packets are correct with a check sum value and encrypt the packets. I had a problem with a guy who was using a decompiler to get at my code so he could get at my encryption/decryption functions. I then used Themida to protect my EXE. I would recommend against using Themida as I found out people who write viruses use Themida to obfuscate their code to trick virus scanners. As a result a lot of virus scanners will catch any program protected with Themida and consider it a virus. Other EXE protectors may have the same problem.
  6. Check out FPS Creator, tons of super cheap decent quality models. I have already contacted them and they are OK with buying models and using them in other projects royalty free.
  7. ejthayer

    Laggy mouse in release mode

    I have had the problem before. Try limiting the frame rate to 60fps. I know that sounds like a goofy solution but give it a try and see what happens. My theory on this is that any time you try to force more FPS through the card than the hertz of the monitor you get a strange hardware lag that can cause problems with other hardware. I think microsoft found this same problem because their DX9 samples FPS are all limited to the hertz. [Edited by - ejthayer on April 20, 2010 2:01:48 PM]
  8. ejthayer

    Indie / Amateur MMORPG, where are they?

    I rent a couple servers from server beach and they are not even great machines but the game runs fine. 100,000 cycles means the main game processing loop runs that many times per second. Although that can fluctuate a lot.
  9. ejthayer

    Indie / Amateur MMORPG, where are they?

    Well everything is in C++, the server has been able to handle 120 simultaneous players with no lag problems and it has a fairly fast game play speed. The server runs at about 100 thousand cycles per second. I multi thread a few things but keep it to a minimum so I can run multiple copies of the server on the same machine.
  10. ejthayer

    Indie / Amateur MMORPG, where are they?

    I wrote one, its called Xenimus www.xenimus.com
  11. You could set a flag indicating that a collision has occurred and don't allow another collision until the flag is unset when the ball clears the paddle.
  12. I don't know of anything off hand that would do that. That is the kind of thing you typically have to write on your own. My own online RPG engine would do the job. One sub map is 64x64 sections with each section 1024x1024 with a nicely optimized multi texturing terrain system.
  13. ejthayer

    Brainstorming engine design

    Quote: I knew this was the reaction I would get. I didn't come here asking what my project should be or if my project was worth it. I understand your frustration here. I have posted things only to have people tell me not to do it that way. Really I do not want their opinion, I just wanted some help. So let me kinda rephrase things. Instead of setting out to write just an engine try writing your engine with something to apply it to. Writing your engine with a FPS will help you refine the engine more and program for pitfalls and problems you might not have otherwise seen. In the end you have your engine and a small shooter to possibly start a game with. Then maybe take the engine and apply it to creating an RPG type of world where you should be able to refine it even more. Either way I think you will find that some parts of the engine will require a bit of molding to each idea you want to use it for.
  14. ejthayer

    Brainstorming engine design

    Instead of creating a game engine you should create a simple game. Write a simple FPS and use good OOP techniques so your code is reusable. Attempting to write one kick ass engine to do all things is a neat idea but the reality is each engine will require some molding to the individual game idea. Cookie cutter game engines seem to produce a generic game in the end.
  15. ejthayer

    Wearable Armor and Clothing

    I think your asking for trouble trying to make a set of armor the same shape as the character model and moving them together. I think the norm is to have a different character model or different texture for each armor and render add on parts like swords and shields just as you are now.
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