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  1. You are correct on that one for sure. Very few ever make money, in fact game companies with funding will go in and out of business very easily. But really that point is obvious, this is the industry we are in. I think that people who want to get into the game industry have to realize this and take a chance. People who want to do this kind of work have 2 main choices. Try to get hired somewhere in a very competitive industry, or create the job yourself.
  2. I have written a game client, server, and world designer. I need people that want to help create the world. I am making no money off this yet. It is a top down view Diablo style playing game where the player can also switch to a 3rd person view if they want. The game is done and being played but it needs more content. In order to get people interested in helping, what arrangements do people think are good? I was thinking of keeping track of work done and then paying out once the game starts making money. So someone designs a dungeon and we agree it is worth $300. Then when the game starts making money a % of that is divided between all people or teams that made contributions. Problem: Some people will not spend the time needed for good design work.
  3. ejthayer

    Stop hacking

    I had a problem with someone decompiling my game client so I bought one of the best code obfuscating programs I could find and all it did was cause peoples virus scanners to think the game client was a virus. I guess people who create viruses use those types of tools. I do keep as many decisions as possible server side.
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