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    Key handling...

    try taking all the direction check logic, thats the (getasyckeystate stuff) out of the if(peekmessage) if the way you have it now, the logic only gets performed when a message is received. but you dont want that, because youre going to start losing information it should like this while(1) { ... if(peekmessage(...)) { ... } // end peek message if here if(getasynckeystate(vk_code & 0x8000)) { ... } // this is where you have the end of the peekmessage //if right now }// end while here
  2. alexdevmaster

    First Game: Suggestions

    As an aside. Andre Lamothe's book rocks. Both the first one that you have and the second one on 3d game rendering. But dont limit yourself to his books. Explore, there is tons of resource out there. But dont spend too much time reading, you will need lots of time to code
  3. alexdevmaster

    First Game: Suggestions

    I know uve hear alot from tons of people and you dont need my input. But I just wanted you to hear about my experience, if it helps. When I started I wrote tetris first. In fact I wrote two versions of tetris. Both sucked! and both were horribly programmed but they game me an experience that I'll never forget. And because it was only tetris I did them both in approximately 3 days. (yes i more or less programed all day) My next project was snake. Now that any more novel than tetris. But this time my code was so much better organised because i new what I was doing? Finally I got to pacman and thats when I realised I dont have to do this remake your favourite retro games thing. I developed some confidence because I actually had finished games under my belt and to my surprise my friends and even strangers were actually playing them and encouraging. Its always good to have a game under belt to help you feel a little accomplished
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