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  1. Strange optical illusion?

    Was this outdoors (i.e. not through a window)? Do you wear glasses? Did anyone else see it?
  2. Not sure what your definition of advanced gameplay is, but Dragon Age Journeys is pretty nifty.
  3. Why do people prefer to stay home?

    Being at home is more relaxing and freer. You can just go lie down at any moment, or you can sit on your computer concentrating on work, and you can scratch your balls and stink as much as you want (assuming you live alone). You can't do that kind of stuff outside -- you have to behave appropriately and be self-conscious, you aren't as free to do certain things and you are also expected to be dressed properly. Not that I never go out myself, just trying to answer your question. :P
  4. While we're on the topic of for-loops, do you think this is good form? for( int i = 0, size = (expensive operation); i < size; i++ ) { ... } The professor of a course I'm attending seems to think that the comma operator should be avoided, but this looks a lot uglier to me: { int size = (expensive operation); for( int i = 0; i < size; i++ ) { ... } } Never mind having size in a scope it isn't needed in.
  5. Yep, the new one looks good. Thanks for supporting the (probably much less used) black theme too. :)
  6. GDNet at the Movies: Transformers: Meh

    Quote:Original post by GMuser Did anyone else think it was weird that the decepticons died a whole lot easier in this movie? In the first movie, almost nothing could bring those suckers down- especially not human weapons. Indeed it seemed that at least Megatron was a lot weaker than in the first movie. Optimus seemed to be whooping his ass around the place quite easily even without the upgrades he received later, while in the first movie Megatron was all but invincible. In fact, this caused other inconsistencies as well -- such as, why was Fallen so afraid of Optimus even though Fallen was supposedly much stronger than Megatron, who in the first movie would've delivered quite an asskicking to Optimus if Sam hadn't intervened? That said, I did enjoy the movie.
  7. Could be this. Or anything with the same idea. Did you download "updates" from anywhere else than Windows Update?
  8. ASCII Containers

    Simplicity often works best if user experience is your concern. Any "containers" tend to look cluttered and most likely detract more from readability than they add to it. You could look at readme.txt files for examples on formatting. One example that I think works particularly well is to underline first level headings with lines of '=' and second level headings with lines of '-'. Like so: Lorem Ipsum =========== Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque vel porttitor dui. Vivamus vitae diam sed nibh eleifend vehicula vel sit amet nisi. Etiam sed dolor sem. Cras ut purus risus, adipiscing malesuada quam. In leo justo, condimentum id faucibus a, blandit in orci. Aliquam erat volutpat --------------------- Etiam dignissim hendrerit malesuada. Pellentesque suscipit justo nec nunc adipiscing pulvinar. Praesent non sem scelerisque diam mattis viverra at nec nunc. Etiam condimentum, magna pulvinar lobortis pretium, libero ante aliquam tortor, a aliquam nisl eros non lacus. etc... [Edit] Duh... Added linebreaks.
  9. Second language recommendations.

    Quote:Original post by daviangel ... knowing about 2,000 characters or more is considered educated ... Knowing about 2,000 characters is considered literate. If you want to read anything more advanced than children's books, you really need to know around 2,000 kanji, preferably a bit more. Thankfully, learning them is not as bad as it sounds.
  10. .h vs .hpp

    On a programming course in the Univ I attend, we're taught to use .cc and .hh, and I've kind of grown to like it.
  11. Repost Gallery

    Quote:Original post by spraff Four years ago someone posted this link on GameDev: http://lifeaftertheoilcrash.net and it changed my life. I'd be interested in hearing you describe in more detail what kind of changes the link actually caused in your life.
  12. 3H-GDC (open voting)

    Did this voting end yet? If not, I vote for BlockBlast, which was the only one to present an actual game. (I got 69,100 points, anyone top that?)
  13. Case Mod Resources?

  14. bad games part 2

    Quote:Original post by Cypher19 I forget, was big rigs that one game where you could go in reverse infinitely fast and then stop on a dime when you let go of the button?Yes. It is.