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    Returning to programming

    Only thing that looks suspicious to me is int rect.x = (x * 16) + 160; int rect.y = (y * 16); Maybe take out the int's. What errors are you getting exactly? If you let us know of the errors, we can solve your problems faster! ;) [EDIT] Looks like I was beaten to the chase
  2. porthios


    It represents a position that was not found. IE: In terms of that code, string::find == string::npos means that whatever you were searching for was not found.
  3. porthios

    How would i complete this?

    f >> map[x][y];
  4. porthios

    std::map memory leaks

    The class that contains it is global (makes things a lot easier) so that could be the problem. Is there a way I could force the std::map to clean itself up? Or should I consider something else? Thanks, Porthios [EDIT] That must've been the problem, I fixed it by adding `_CRTDBG_LEAK_CHECK_DF` to the _CrtSetDbgFlag call so it cleans everything up on exit and the leak disappeared. Thanks for the quick replies!
  5. Im working on a simple scripting language and am running into a problem with std::map. Ive been using the _Crt**** (IE _CrtDumpMemoryLeaks) stuff to check for memory leaks and found that std::map is producing a leak. After debugging ive found that _Myhead in the std::map class is what's causing the leak. This leak can be caused even if I dont add anything to the map. (std::map<std::string, IFunctionObject*> funcs is the declaration in my class). Any reason why this would happen? (If this isn't enough information, I can give more)
  6. porthios

    C++ Pointers

    Try creating all the objects in a game on the heap (without using pointers and new). Your answer lies there (plus its just convenient to use pointers sometimes)
  7. porthios


    Why not just use the bitwise operators? Specifically OR and XOR for changing the value of bits.
  8. All I have to say is that they really like to brag up their real-time shadows all over the place. Its like they think they were the first to do it or something :P
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