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  1. DeShawn

    Desktop Computer Hunting

    Thanks for the links and the advice. I'll give them a look right now.
  2. DeShawn

    Desktop Computer Hunting

    Yeah, I've considered that. After all, I only need the tower itself, rather than getting a whole set with a monitor, printer, scanner, etc. It seems that the cheaper Dell computers come with Intel Integrated 3D (?) cards, but I have no idea how much MB it is. I don't even know what the best brand videocard is, anymore.
  3. DeShawn

    Desktop Computer Hunting

    With my mom buried under bills and such, I decided that I would get a job over the summer as an effort to purchase a new computer. I happened to be successful in finding one. It's called the Lock 3 Arts program, where one gets paid $400 for making artwork to be presented downtown. I won't get indepth, unless asked... since this is irrelevant to the question. OK... don't laugh... but is there any computer prestigeous enough to work as a home/office computer, but be able to run games such as UT2004 (not asking for a godly performance) as well as burning CDs for under $400 or around that price? I've tried searching, but the closest I found was a Dell Dimension 2400 running at $474 AFTER the 5% off deal. I also found some kind of 2GHz Dell on EBay for around $270. Thanks, I appreciate any help, or advice that you can give. Heh, I hope I explained everything good enough to be understood.
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