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  1. Thanks for all of your feedback! No, I don't intend to rip off artists, hence the whole reason for kickstarter goal! Besides, I already have an artist doing pixel art for my game so I have experience with paying artists DaveTroyer, thanks for that link, I'll check it out! Looks like I'll need to raise at least 20k or so. That's what I needed to know, thanks!
  2. The problem is, I don't have this "spare time" that you speak of... I have two daughters and a wife, a full-time job, and other responsibilities. What little spare time I have goes into developing the game. I have no experience or knowledge of how to do 3D rendering, even with simple blocks. It'll be far more efficient to just hire someone who've already had experience in this to create something for me. Hence the question of how much will it cost.
  3. Before we start, I'd like to direct your attention to the game that I'm working on: http://www.desura.com/games/beyond-beyaan. There's a demo that you can download. My game development blog is here. I'm reaching the point where I need to make the game more "lively" with some cutscenes. I hope to start a kickstarter soon, but before that, I need to know how much stuff will cost before I set a funding goal. Now, how much will doing an intro like Master of Orion will cost? To clarify, a short video of 3D models and some particle effects, very simple animation of 3D models (such as missile rack extending out of a ship, or something similar). The intro video as example. I want the video to be at least this detailed, but just the space combat part, without showing the pilots. It'd be more of big ships shooting at each other and dying. Maybe about 2 minutes or so long. I also want to offer a "High Definition" version of my game (I will offer the option to use either the Pixel Definition or High Definition) where planet backgrounds, ships, races, etc are pre-rendered (just images, no animations). There are some people who didn't like the pixel art, and while pixel art has its charm and is cheap, I agree that there should be an option for pre-rendered beauty. Each race have three expressions, and 31 ships, 6 different sizes. Basically, converting all of the art assets that I have into pre-rendered artwork. How much will that cost? You can download the demo and take a look at the race images and other artwork. All artwork will be of the same size (so a planet background for example is 800x600)
  4. After reading your responses, I realized that if the star was just a bit off the beaten path, but is within supply range, it'd be annoying for the player to have to send the fleet to an adjacent star then issuing another order to finally arrive at the destination. In Master of Orion 1/2, it just checks whether or not the destination is within range, not if the route itself has left the range. This looks promising, since I plan on adding obstacles such as black holes or nebulaes that you need to navigate around. Are there tutorials on creating a navigation graph? I remember trying to find some, but was unable to do so.
  5. For my 4X game, I'm considering switching over from a grid-based system to a star-to-star movement (basically a node-based system where every node is connected to another node), similar to Master of Orion 1/2. One aspect of this is that I will introduce "Supply Range" which restricts where your ships can go. Each owned system have its own supply range. So the problem is now broken down to this: Each node has a circle with radius of s (supply range) When moving from a node to another, the line between the two nodes must be fully contained by circles. (X1,Y1 is starting position, X2, Y2 is destination) If the line is not fully contained, the route is invalid. Here's two examples: Two star systems on the opposite sides of galaxy are owned by the player, but no stars in middle are owned, so the player can't send his ships directly from one node to another. One fleet is moving from one star system to an unexplored star system that is within range, so the route is valid. I tried looking this up, but was unable to find any resources. Maybe I'm looking with wrong search terms. I think I do have an idea of how to do this: Find intersection points along the line where it intersects with circles, and call them l1, l2, l3,... For each lx, lx+1, check to see if both points is within any circle, if so, remove from list. If list is empty after processing, then the line is fully contained. If list have at least one segment remaining, then the line is not fully contained. Is this a good approach to this problem? Any pitfalls I missed?
  6. Zeraan

    Most over-rated game of all time

    Master of Orion 2. There, I said it. Why is this game so overrated? Because whenever a new 4X space strategy game comes out, people compare it to Master of Orion 2, and complain about missing features that existed in MoO 2, and complain about the extra features added that didn't exist in MoO 2. "MoO 2 had leaders! Why not this game?" "MoO 2 had better tech system, this system sucks" "I just want MoO 2, but with upgraded graphics!" and so forth. If you like MoO 2 so much, go play it. Don't degrade the other 4X games because they didn't deliver the exact gameplay that you want. Play them as their own game, not something that "replace" MoO 2. The irony of this is that I'm working on a game that's inspired by MoO 1/2, but that's because I liked a lot of features from the series. It didn't prevent me from enjoying other 4X strategy games.
  7. Zeraan

    Success and gratitude

    I couldn't think of a good title for the thread, so I just summed up the post in it A long time ago, I started played Master of Orion, and that game inspired me to make games. Actually, what I always wanted was to create my own Master of Orion game. After years of not knowing what is required to make a game, I finally registered for "Computer Science" class at my high school. I didn't know what it was about, but I knew I liked computers. This class introduced me to programming, and I realized that this is how games were made. I had absolutely no idea what programming was, or even the name of the act of creating a computer program (I'm deaf, so English was actually my second language, so that explains part of the reason ) But once I discovered the joy of programming, I was hooked, but alas, the high school class only taught programming using C++ and Command Prompt. Our final assignment was to create a simple game, and I managed to create a simple pac-man clone in DOS. But where to learn windows programming, especially 2D/3D game programming? I'm not sure how, but my parents found "Tricks of Windows Game Programming Gurus" and gave it to me as a Christmas present. That opened up the game programming for me, but I struggled with simple concepts such as moving sprites over time, acceleration/velocity, etc. At the end of the book, there was a list of useful links, and one of them was "www.gamedev.net". That's when I really started learning, and learning how to learn. Fast forward to now. I'm now a professional developer, working on my own Master of Orion game in my free time. Desura has just accepted my game for alpha funding, so I guess I'm an official indie developer now The high school class and the book was just enough for me to find what I really need for game developing, and that was gamedev.net. Without you guys, all of this won't be possible. I've made the classic noob mistakes in my early days here. But with your answers and advice, I matured and gained experience. I wanted to say thank you for those who've helped me attain my lifelong dream. Without you all, I probably would still be programming DOS games. Again, thanks for all of your help over the time! It wasn't an easy journey, but it was well worth it! Anyone else have success because they found this website?
  8. It looks like NavMesh is more trouble than it's worth. I guess I'll just force the ships to stick to a grid then.
  9. Because that is the hard part A very simple way is to 1. Lay a grid on your map. 2. Remove all cells which are blocked by static objects, environment .. 3. Merge 4 unbklocked cells, repeat this for larger blocks etc. 4. each remaining cell/block is a waypoint or a nav-poly. More advanced algorithm and infos could be received over here. [/quote] That sounds similar to a quadtree, except in reverse. Would generating a quadtree work, with each leaf a nav-poly, since all objects are squares and are parallel to axis? If so, then the only problem is how to use a nav-poly? I've seen some articles praising nav meshes as an better approach than waypoints, but not much on how to use them.
  10. I've been doing a lot of research, but I think I'm looking in the wrong places. I'm working on a 4X TBS space game, and am now working on the space combat part. In the space combat, all objects are squares, and don't rotate (although the sprite may rotate, their physical properties are always squares that are parallel to X/Y axis. The objects in combat can be of different sizes. There are no grid, other than the normal pixel X/Y positions. I've looked at Navigation Meshes and Graphs, but I can't find algorithms for dynamically generating them, and I think there must be a simpler approach to this problem since all objects are squares. There are two parts to this problem, creating a "navigable" map for the pathfinding algorithm, and the pathfinding algorithm. I'm very familiar with A*, having implemented it for the galaxy map, but I'm unsure if it's applicable in this situation. I guess it depends on how the "navigable" map is generated?
  11. Zeraan

    A good forum for asking questions about books?

    If you're looking for books that you've read but forgotten the title/author, you can go here and ask questions about those books: http://www.whatsthatbook.com
  12. Zeraan


    I was surfing youtube one time, and saw "SimCity 2000 Ending" and thought: How do it actually end if it's just a simulation, so I watched it. Turns out if you build 50 or something launch acros, the game "ends" but you can still build stuff afterwards. I haven't tried this yet with or without cheating. I need to get it from gog.com and try to get that ending the legit way!
  13. Zeraan


    From what I can see from the GDC demonstration, and the reddit responses, it sounds like they're going for an even more deeper simulation. Resources are now finite, such as water and coal. The cars and pedestrians are not just visuals, they're actual agents that go from one destination to another. Windmills don't always generate power because some days may be less windy. It sounds exciting, but I'm still reserving my judgment until more gameplay videos come out with real cities, instead of just demonstration city.
  14. That sounds like it might work, looks like I'll have to experiment. Thanks.
  15. Alright, I know what the effect I want, but I don't know the name of it. It's where a line slowly moves in a vertical direction, making that part of the image a bit distorted. You can see it in Borderlands' menu and Cholo game (it's an obscure robot controlling game, an image is found here, the line I'm talking about is in middle of the screen, moving downwards). Basically what I want to create is an effect where that line moves the pixels right a bit, the pixels are moved more the closer they are to the line. I tried looking for the name of this effect, but the closest I can find is "scan lines" which isn't the same thing. Do anyone know what I'm talking about? I want this effect for my 4X game, for the diplomacy screen, to simulate that it's a projection. I'm also working on space combat part, and I was wondering if there's a website with different shader applications (I already know about facewound) that I can look at to get ideas for special ship effects? Thanks!
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